Intention and focus to optimalise your wellness

The key to being a high energy person is to have the ability to take your energy and alter it to meet your own needs. Herbs can help you do this. 

Energy does not go away. It shifts and changes shape constantly. The art of changing the shape of your own energy is a skill and we can all do this when we apply ourselves.  This leads to being healthier on all levels.  The fire in your belly... the desire... the ability to get higher forms of energy and not burn out! 

What is transforming energy all about? 

Transforming, transmuting, channeling energy and conscious intention are some of the terms used for the theme of our blog today.  Have you ever felt such a strong pull of your energy in one direction? When you are so focused either physically, emotionally, sexually, mentally or creatively to a project, person, cause? 

This is pretty common and its the natural way that we get inspired to achieve projects, to get involved in relationships, to grow ideas and to achieve our dreams. 

The question we need to ask ourselves is this..... "Is this enhancing my energy or is this diluting/ dispelling my energy? " Theres a choice. The choice to transform the basic drive/ lower physical energy into the higher and optimal energies is one that people who tend to be high achievers do naturally and it is one key to successful goal driven outcomes.  The choice to dilute your energy options and let them drain away is also a contributor to illness, disease, lowered immunity and depression. 

The choices mean that you will either transmute the energy into creativity, achievements, healthy outcomes or you will let it drain away and not be able to contain, transform or use it for your own empowerment. 

How to transform your energy using herbs and lifestyle choices. 

The adaptogenic herbs are great to help you balance your whole body and to allow repair, energy enhancement and restoration of the whole body. This includes your endocrine system, hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol, sex hormones, thyroid and transport hormones. Its great to have a good hormonal profile at whatever age you are and to have hormonal drive and inspiration.  These herbs include withania, gotu kola, astragalus, schisandra, bacopa, siberian ginseng and asparagus. ( To name a few) Taking these herbs in a daily blend will increase your energy on all levels in time and help you feel balanced and not only hormonally energised but also mentally and emotionally energised. Other herbs can help too when you need to increase your intentions in one area and dilute them in another. 

The ability to transform the energy from one state to another involves a feeling of movement. You need to consciously move your focus from where the energy is naturally flowing, ie sexual energy and the desire for sex. Or mental energy and the desire to over think on a particular focus. And, to shift it in a conscious manner into a new direction that will be creative and fulfilling for you. Its easy once you start to do it.... all about intentioned focus.  You can simply decide to focus on something and the energy will shift naturally and in a graceful way. This is not a complicated nor hard process. Its simply about awareness and intention. 

You do this through breathe work and deliberate thinking. Move it mentally, meditation, affirmation.  Move it physically through exercise and sports, yoga, and movement. Then you need to move it upwards in your body through the spinal channels if it is basal or sexual energy and you need to move it downwards through the spinal channel if it is mental energy you are transforming. 

So if you want more energy and wellness start to be a shape changer in your own body and mind. Take energy that is in one form and move it to another... YOU can do this and you will get the benefits. I'm happy tp help you do this in one of our sessions if you want to come and see me for a clinic.  Its really not that hard, if anything its just changing your thinking patterns to become a higher energy person. 

Its a choice..... don't get burnt out by diluting your energy. Transform it daily and watch your success in life grow! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg on energy movement, shifting and using herbs to help you achieve greater successful outcomes. Life is a journey and we all need to appreciate where we are and just do our best each day! 

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