Induce Calm with Lemon Balm . Melissa our nervous system healer!

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Lemon balm is a herb thats been used for centuries to calm the nervous system and to help the mind. Traditionally it was known for " melancholy" and " hysteria" these terms have changed a lot and we now know them as depression, anxiety, ADHD etc etc. There has been some great research showing that Lemon Balm helps with Both depression and nervous system stress. Stress generally. 

The herbal extraction of Melissa officinale in our dispensary as its working its magic in the vats! 

Looking at how we can use this herb in our daily lives, you can make some tea. Taking the extract in a herbal blend for any kind of nervous system stresses is great for people of all ages.  For sleep we recommend that you take it with some valerian extract and hops to help get an extended sleep cycle.

For depression we mix the herbal extraction with Hypericum and Withania to help adapt the whole body to calmness and bliss.

Anywhere in the body that you have nerves.... ( which is everywhere) then lemon balm can help. It works on the whole nervous system calming it down and allowing a steady balance to replace the stresses and high pitched frequencies of a shattered or disrupted nervous system. This includes digestive cramps, menstrual cramps, headaches, migraines, busy mind, shaking body, stress, depression, anxiety and when you are feeling shoked or upset in any way. Lemon balm is the herbal internal balm for many people and it even regulates heart beat and reduces palpitations.

Lemon balm is also great as an antiviral and helps specifically with herpes virus on skin. Cold sores and herpes sufferers you can use this herb topically and internally to reduce symptoms and clear up this virus. 

Some great research was also done into ADHD and this is where we have been using lemon balm extract in the herbal dispensary for many years. We often mix it with Bacopa moniera and Hypericum for children and teens suffering from this condition with some awesome and settling results. 

Our  little lemon balm plant from the herbal dispensary.

There so many great aspects to lemon balm and in a nutshell anywhere you are stressed, this herb brings calm.... anywhere you are heightened and feeling less in control such as anger, fast mind,  stress, anxiety, over busyness, unable to settle or slow down. Also pain and general over the top feelings then this is the herb to bring it all down a few notches and induce the calm. 

Recipe for liquid Vitamin B Lemon balm tea! 

Take 15 grams of nutritional yeast and pop it into your tea pot. 

Fill up with 1 litre of freshly made lemon balm tea )or 50ml of aqua ethanol extraction and 950 mis of boiling water.) 

add the juice of 1 lemon or 1 orange 

add honey or maple syrup to taste. 

Drink this tea over the course of the day and it will help relieve your symptoms plus support and strengthen your nervous system doing the real repair work while you feel better.

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