India Delhi 5000 year old spice and herb markets with Dom

India Delhi 5000 year old spice and herb markets with Dom

What a day! OOOO I can’t tell you how excited and energetically blissed out I have been today. I am visiting Delhi in Northern India. Population 22 million. And, I couldn’t be more excited. Today was the day I went  to the 5000 year old wholesale herb and spice market and met the people, saw the herbs, talked to the traders and really got enthusiastic about where we can get our organic herbs that we can’t buy directly in Australia. I have added all the pics I took as I want you to see whats going on here. Its truly amazing to me as a herbalist and I hope you enjoy it and pick up a bit of the over excited and intense beautiful energy that I feel towards this experience.. I can tell you that as a herbalist this is the ultimate place to visit on the planet for trading and wholesaling.


IMG_0009After months of set ups and discussions the medicineroom went global in one single swoop. You see, we only use organic and fair trade herbs, and we only want to trade with people who are honest, authentic and genuine in their herbal lore. And, here in Australia thats easy. We buy from growers directly and we make beautiful herbal medicines and body products for you. However with many herbs that are  required in the herbal extraction popular culture, they are not grown here and they are brought into Australia by importers.

Now you know me…. I like to go to the source and I want to know the people I am dealing with. Well today was super incredible and I have been in Old Delhi, In fact at the back of Old Delhi.. small streets, laneways that are crowded with trolleys and men sitting around on mobile phones writing in invoice books. Young men lugging huge 50 kilo sacks of herbs, people sitting in stall after stall in a place that trades globally all day.

The streets outside are full of herbs and spices. They have 20 kilo sacks  of spices and herbs that are on display and sell it by the kilo. However the wholesalers sell in larger amounts and this was where we headed, down the side lane, the narrow streets lined with men talking and smoking… The streets, however full on the hussle and bussle is truly the front of house for the real business tat goes on out back… and you know me… I’m a down home out back girl and I got a ticket to the back streets of old Delhi travelling with my trusty lady translator and  friend.


IMG_0012In Old Delhi…. Ok this spice market we went to today is the largest in Asia.. Yes Asia…. its been operating in the same place for 5000 years.. One side of the street is all spices and herbs, the other side is all rice , lentils, oils etc.. So, how it works is that you see stuff on the streets and stalls at the front. Then generally there is a little narrow scary looking lane way somewhere near by that goes in a loop behind the street. Its a big narrow loop with many other streets going off it, They all get more and more narrow as you pass though, and they all get more and more specific. This is the place globally where East meets West. Where herbs and spices from all over the globe meet to be distributed and added to your herbal medicines and your cooking spices.. I feel very very blessed to come here. By the way, we were the only women in the wholesale area. It was all men… But credit where credit is due… They were all charming and helpful. In fact they were very very helpful. I am grateful… I didn’t know that the global spice and herb market was dominated by men.. thats changing…. good.


Om goodness. Owen found the rose petal wholesaler.. Then we saw almost a whole narrow lane way of turmeric, ginger, chilli. The mushroom stall was indescribable and the herbs were so aromatic and delicious. This was such an amazing day for me. I said to Owen my 16 year old son who is travelling with me on this journey that this may have been the most exciting and best morning in my whole business life… I am so excited. Not sure where it is all going, BUt I have three traders who are all fair trade and organic who were keen enough to do business with me that they even held off the mobile phone and stopped writing in their invoice books to look at me directly, chat and shake hands. The emails were exchanged and we are on the road to somewhere.




Blessings From Delhi India. 

Now Tamara is in the Herbal Dispensary working while I am away and my Son Alex is there at the Markets to help you too. Please utilise our services as usual and I will keep you updated on my happenings in the world of herbal medicine. I hope you enjoy my blog and catch up today as I feel really good about this experience. 


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