If available would you welcome us opening the catalogue of Medicine Room online training to you?

Hello Lovely. 

This is the third year now of offering online trainings personally. I want your opinions and feedback. 

Here are the options open 

1. Each new course that comes online we offer 4 weeks training.  Personally guided for the three weeks of training and one week of review by Dominique. With live facebook classes and students work added to a stream of assessments. The courses includes three modules per week with videos and notes plus two assignments in recipe and medicine making. Plus personal journal entries. 

2. After that, for those who were unable to attend the live version of the training. We open it up to self paced training. You get exactly the same training, however you do it in your own time and your work is not marked by us. You watch the live classrooms ( from the previous live version) and you have access to the training courses to reflect back on, revisit as you want. 

3. All previous students will gain new promo code access to any courses you have been enrolled in and therefore have access to the catalogue of courses. This means you can revisit as you want and refresh your training.

4. We will offer an all in master tix for all past classes and individual buy ins for each course if you want to try a self paced course. Each course you enrol in means we send you the herbs for that course and you are away at home training in the courses. 

I would love feedback on this and to know if you think its a good idea and if you would be interested in me opening up the catalogue and you doing some online training in a self paced way. 

The courses I have available now for teaching you live are four more this year. 

We have closed off the master tix and if you want me to open up a place for you to do all four trainings the cost is now $880. You will need to contact me directly. 

We are closing the digestion and gut health this week and posting out student kits this week. The cost of that one is $295 for the four weeks training live with me. 

I'm happy to open up the past courses in the next month or so, so let me know if you are interested. This is unguided and self paced.

Blessings and love Dom xoxo