Iced tea is easy This sultry hot weather is perfect for light foods and cleansing

Welcome to my blog.... Im sharing with you some tips on hot weather wellness and also my super simple, ridiculously simple recipe for iced tea. 

I trust you enjoyed your festive season and we look forward to connecting with you soon. 

 We are mid January in Queensland. Its sultry and feeling like high summer.... which it is. My friends in cooler climates love this climate. Great place for a holiday. But for those of us who live in sub tropical and tropical climates there are particular strategies we can us etc help our health and wellness. 

The warmer the climate the more relaxed your body becomes. So you have more opportunity for flexibility, circulation, openness of pores and body organs, relaxed body, open breathing and more sweating. So more detoxing, daily cleansing. We also have the opportunity for slower metabolisms, more laziness and less motivation to move as we are warm , sometimes too warm and comfortable. 

Its great to take advantage of the heat, Make it work for you. To do this we need to have a lighter diet. Exercise and get physical in the nights, early mornings and later in the afternoon. We need to adopt a siesta philosophy and live our lives in a way that we avoid the hottest parts of the day with rest and mental activities and we make the most of the cooler parts of the day with movement and work. 

Watermelon is our favourite summertime hydration fruit

Our Diets now need to be light, fresh, local and raw. Cooling foods for your digestion. Balanced foods that will give you optimal nourishment. This climate now is perfect for juices, cleansing, cool soups, salads and water... Lots of hydration. 

I love watermelon and I love fresh fruit. Its in abundance now and a good plan is to have lots of fruits in your diet and think about cleansing and light meals the rest of the time. Have light proteins, keep away from too many cereals and starchy foods. Open up the the abundances in your garden. 

My favourite teas now are peppermint and fennel. I love the cooling teas that will give me a feeling of deodorising my digestion. Personally I'm fasting at least two days a week and letting my body make the most of the weather. Its like a river. We can flow with the river and make our lives easier. Or we can go against the river and add heaviness, workload and stress to our body. 

If you had dinner tonight and then didn't eat another meal until dinner tomorrow night you would open up your cleansing channels and be very light. You would allow your body to go into the reverse of congestion, Thats decongestion. 

Its an idea. 

Please chat with me if you want to develop a fasting/ cleansing and dietary plan for this hot weather Its easy and doable. 

Iced tea is easy. 

Make iced tea at home. 

Simply fill your tea pot up with ice. Make another pot of tea and pour the infused cooled down tea over the ice. 

Add honey, fruit juices, herbs and enjoy! 

Iced Chai. Cool the chai down first and then pour over the ice in another pot or into glasses. 

Iced herb tea is the same... 

Make your favourite tea, cool it down and pour over ice... 

It doesn't get any easier than that right? 

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Love and light Dominique Livkamal


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