How to reduce stress in the festive season and be HAPPY!!

Hello and seasons greetings. 

How do you stay relaxed in the silly season? Do you go for long walks? Sit down with a stiff drink? go to yoga? meditate? or do you just do more? get more stressed and secrete more cortisol? 

Cortisol is the hormone that adds to weight gain, blood pressure heights, fluid retention, mental worry and anxiety, depression and feelings of overwhelm. Christmas is a tense time as we need to continue with daily commitments as well as the extra expenses and time needed to create a festive atmosphere. 

When we secrete stress hormones and we start a little cortisol and adrenaline pump going in our body, we start to rely on that level of stress and operate in an analytical, hard and fast way!  This is a continuous pump that becomes automatic with time and we really need to stop that and get back into balance. 

How do we get that softness back? how do we start to breathe freely, open our minds and our hearts to the moment and slow down the rush? Its always an effort to be busy and to be calm! Wouldn't it be lovely if you could start secreting some serotonin and some oxytocin love hormones and get everything done at an even pace? while you are happy....  To turn these happy hormones on... we need to creatively and consciously turn the stress hormones off... and the only way to do this is to relax, enjoy and feel positive and happy! 

Here are my key tips for you to be happy this week..  

1. Get enough sleep. No matter how busy you are make sure you get time to wind down before bed and get a full nights sleep. Have cool baths, showers, swims in the evenings.  Relax your muscles and mind with massage, body work, a foot massage or some nice essential oils of lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang before bed. When you wake up in the morning, make some time for your daily practice before you get back into the grind of business. 

2. Nourish your body with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Keep your meals light and nourishing. Eat delicious foods that are good for you! 

3. Don't party hard... sure have the odd indulgence, but make sure you are responsible with the food intakes of sugar, processed foods and carbohydrates that make you feel sluggish. Avoid trans fatty acids and that second piece of cake! Keep your alcohol units in check and drink plenty of water when you do go out for festive celebrations. 

4. Be kind to yourself and your loved ones.... practice kindness. Take a deep breathe between words when needed and take some time for silence in your day.. be restful and try to think happy thoughts... don't allow that overwhelming feeling to take over and replace your mind chatter with happy thoughts.. This is being kind to yourself.. and to others. 

5. The herbs st Johns wort. lemon balm, liquorice root, lavender  and chamomile are a wonderful combination in our herbal stress ease formula. Its really relaxing and nourishing for the nervous system and emotional body. 

6. Drink chamomile tea, liquorice root tea, lemon balm tea, and valerian tea before bed. These drinks all help you stay calm and help support your nervous system. 

7. Genuinely enjoy yourself... when you cook, cook what you love....when you see people, really enjoy their company... It doesn't matter if you are a little late with time lines.. When you go shopping for presents... only get things you know the person will love and get something that is a real gift from you... something happy from you! 

8. Spritz your face and body with beautiful perfumes and aromatherapy sprays, think rose geranium and also ylang ylang, bergamot and sweet smelling scents that are natural and feel good. Turn on your feel good senses in any way you can... and then you will turn off your stress hormones. 

Enjoy the festive season and we look forward to connecting with you again soon. 


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Have a great day

Love and light Dominique Livkamal


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