How to do a water fast

                                     Water Fasting… Clean, pure and the most natural way to develop wellness.


Water fasting has always been my number one preventative health strategy! Its the easiest and most powerful way to clear your body of all congestion and toxins. Its also simple…. simply perfect when you have a weekend to rest and to rejuvenate

Please read my book The Wellness zone to get my full writings on water  fasting and why water is so good for our body. In there I also write about how our body converts other nutrients to water.

Water fasting is best done for a 24 hour period initially until your body is used to the process.  That is going from alate lunch or early dinner and then only drinking water and herb teas with no additives or sweeteners for the whole 24 hours. It takes the body 24 hours to exhaust the livers fuel supplies and then the body goes looking for fats to convert to fuel. Once all the fat is gone the body will then eat protein to make fuel. This is starvation and on your water fast you are not starving your body. You are only going to fast for short periods of time say 24 hours to 72 hours on a regular basis and use fasting to be your strongest preventative health care strategy.

Watch the you tube clip we made today about water fasting.  I go into a lot more detail than this written blog and I also share information about specific time frames for action and how to do my water push. 

When you are on a fast you need to have time to rest, you need to be in a place where you can relax. I always turn off the technologies and really make time for self nurturing, reflection and peaceful environment.

If you get headaches or start feeling sick on your fast, it means you are pulling toxins out of your body really fast and you may need to end the fast and go to juice cleansing for a few hours to allow the pain to go away. Feeling sick and headache son fasts often mean that you have stepped over your comfortable edge and you are moving too fast with the process. If this is the case you can either ride it out and keep flushing the body with water until the headache and pain is gone…. the most healing way, but also the most uncomfortable. Or you can make a juice or eat some food and then have a fast again in a few days when you are feeling better.  Don’t worry you have still removed a lot of toxins.

Do not water fast until you have detoxed on a regular basis and are seasoned in detox therapies. Don’t fast if you are on medications or you are under your health care practitioners supervision for any health condition that is chronic and requires management. If you are weaning yourself off any substances, poisonous lifestyle habits or emotional baggage, then be extra gentle and kind with yourself. You are such a complex and refined machine that changes in diet, especially this one can be very powerful and have impacts beyond the physical health benefits of less congestion and poisons in your system. The other effects of detoxing are emotional releases and mental releases and old memories coming up to be healed and released. Detoxing and water fasting are all about letting go of the old, and letting go of what no longer serves us so that we can move on with our lives in a healthier way on all levels.

End your water fast with pure grated vegetables or fresh fruit.

Lots of love and blessings

Dominique Livkamal

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