How to do a juice cleanse

Juice Cleansing


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Juice cleansing is loads of fun, its really the simplest way to eat and get nourishment in our system and its something we can do for one day, one weekend, or even one week fairly joyfully! 

There is so much info on juice cleansing and I have taken an overview here from my work. Read my books for really comprehensive guidelines!

Always stay present with your juice cleansing, only do it while it feels good for your body. Stop if you start to be stressed or if you feel sick… remember that a lot of old built up toxins will be shaken up and released with this deep cleansing method. Talk with your health care practitioner if you are not well, taking drugs, prescription medicines or you are on a specific health regime!


With a juice cleanse you need to be really in tune with how you are feeling at the time. 

Tune into your body and don’t commit to a time frame for this cleanse as its really powerful and you may find that as toxins come out of the liver and travel around your blood stream that you get headaches, pain, inflammation, emotions like anger and resentment and grief. If this is the case then you need to eat something and tone down the detox to slow it down again. Then you can go back to juices once those poisons have passed through the body again. Its a wave.. Juice cleansing is a wave of detox patterning and you need to tune into that day and whats best for you. You may plan a whole weekend detoxing on juices only to find that you only have a juice cleanse for 24 hours and then need to revert to the wholesome vegetarian detox plan again. Don’t worry if this happens. Its still an awesome detox weekend! Go in again next weekend and you may find that you can last longer! The more your body is seasoned to detoxing, the easier it is to stay on a juice cleanse longer! You will know.. follow your intuition and your body!

Digestive tract health is the first path to wellness. Juices are so easily absorbed and even those who are suffering from a chronic illness can readily benefit from the nutrients and enhance their Wellness Zone. Juice cleansing is an excellent regular detoxifier and the next level of cleansing after the pure water fast. You are getting nutrition and able to flush toxins at the same time in the simplest and least invasive manner for your body.
With a juice cleanse, it takes up to three days to get the same cleansing benefits as you would on the ‘pure water fast’ for one day. So it is slower. But it’s also more revitalising on some levels as far as being able to maintain your daily lifestyle. You have a constant stream of energy on a juice cleanse, as you are feeding your body nutrients the whole time.


Try to get as much cellular recovery as possible while you are on a juice cleanse. Really visualise those cells pumping through the juices and imagine your lymphatic system flushing away all the built-up debris of the past. You can’t really get these results when any food is included in the diet, only with juices or water. As soon as you eat food, your body is working again, so the energy is kind-of reversed and you are absorbing more instead of eliminating. Make your policy for toxins “better out than in”, so get them out!

A juice cleanse is really good when you are able to avoid the world for a whole weekend, it is the perfect weekend health kick. You can start on Friday night when you come in from the week and go all the way to Monday morning drinking up to 13 juices a day. Drink one juice for each hour you are awake. The only guideline with the juice cleanse is not to mix fruits  and vegetables.  This is following traditional Chinese medicine guidelines for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients. In the morning you may prefer fruit, and then change to vegetables in the afternoon for variety.  If you want low sugar then stick with vegetables and eliminate the fruits all together. The only exception to this rule is lemon and lime!

Juice cleansing days need to be treated as special days as sometimes it’s hard to get through the afternoon. A seasoned cleanser will have developed tricks to survive the afternoon hours and avoid breaking the cleanse at dinnertime, try and see what works best for you. Have fruit, juiced in any combination that takes your fancy each morning, then vegetables in the afternoon and early evening. Drink delicious herbal teas between juices and stay away from places where

Use organic fruit and vegetables when available. If you are unable to get organic produce, just soak the fruit or veggies in a sink filled with water and 15ml of apple cider vinegar for five minutes before juicing. Peel the skin off all fruit and vegetables cut off the unsightly bits and always use the freshest produce available to you at the time. Don’t use seconds or rotting food for juicing. Buy or grow the best you can get and always use it as fresh as you can.

Juice cleansing is great to cleanse our bodies! However when all the emotions come up and we feel really crappy its great to add herbs to the cleanse. I think that nervines and herbs that really assist the emotional body are hypericum ( st johns wort), avena sativa (oats) Matricaria ( chamomile) , passiflora ( passionflower) and also make juices that are high in vitamin B to help support your nervous system.

This information is from my ebook THE WELLNESS ZONE. There is a lot more info in there on detoxing. Also in my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE we tell you about 200 fruits, vegetables and herbs and why they are medicine! Please use my books as a reference guide during your juice cleanse and good luck!

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