How to come off a liquid cleanse with good nutrition and for optimal wellness

Hello and welcome to my blog. 

A few weeks ago I did a seven day water fast to cleanse my body and set my digestion up for a really awesome summer time run. Doing any kind of pure liquid cleanse whether its water, fruits, vegetables or mono broth is challenging and really good to help your body release old built up toxins and poisons. 

I love to cleanse  because I have been an advocate of water fasting for the last thirty years  and I know how good it is for my body. Water cleansing is not for everyone. And you need to be supervised if you are new to fasting. However juice cleansing is pretty deep cleansing too. Many of may patients love to juice cleanse for one day or even three. 

If you are starting out on liquid cleansing then please take it easy on the body. If you are on medications then you do need supervision. If you have never fasted before, or chad a detox then start slow for 24 hours and build your way up. Its taken me many years to tolerate a seven day water fast at home and even then there were challenges that I needed my naturopathic skills to help optimally. 

Its all about you. Then blog is all about how to come off a liquid cleanse in a way that really resets your body. 

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My recipe for coming off a five to seven day liquid  fast. 

Make my recipe for prebiotic cabbage, garlic, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar fast breaking food. 

This is it. 

Super simple. 

The protocol is designed to help you start eating again with prebiotics so that you are feeding your gut lining and setting yourself up for optimal digestion. 

What you need to do. 

1. dice half a round cabbage into small pieces and place this is a big glass jar 

2. add in diced garlic. About three cloves. 

3. Pour 500ml of warm liquid coconut oil in the jar on top of the cabbage

4. add 500ml apple cider vinegar with the mother in the jar 

5. add one to two teaspoons sea salt 

6. shake it all up, place on lid and leave it on the kitchen bench for 12 hours before you intend to break your water fast or juice cleanse. 

Now you will have 60 grams of this including the liquid as your first meal. Then every one hour, two hours to four hours during the first day that you want to start eating again have the same amount. Its a very small amount 60 grams. Less than half a cup. 

You are easing  your digestion into play again. Your body is still cleansing and you want your elimination of toxins to continue gently across the next few days while you are re feeding your body. 

If you have been on a liquid fast for one to two days then you only need to do this for half a day and then you can add extra vegetables and make some delicious salads. If you have been fasting for more than three days I usually like to do the straight cabbage recipe for one to two days and then start to introduce cucumber, any soft wet vegetable, onion, salad greens , super greens etc into the mix. By the third day the sizes are getting bigger and you are eating four to five times a day. Then on day four you can introduce some other foods. Its a slow process coming off a water fast properly and the longer you fast the longer it takes to get back into a more regular diet plan. 

I sometimes add some diced cucumber to the cabbage mix as its super cooling for digestion and really high in water content. It takes away some of the apple cider taste and eases the cabbage blend easily into my body. 

The other recipe I make a lot for coming off a water fast is traditional fermented miso soup with boiled onion. This recipe is also an incredible prebiotic and I love this one. I really enjoying sipping the warm salty miso soup for the first few days coming off the water fast. Once again setting my gut up for optimal health. 


This recipe is easy too. 

Simply take 2 tablespoons of miso paste and add to 500 mls of boiling water in a saucepan. Add in one diced brown onion and boil for five minutes... allow to cool a little and drink. Eat the onion too. 

Just remember that your stomach is smaller, your digestion has had a complete rest and you need to take it slowly. If your have been on a juice cleanse for a few days this is a fabulous way to extend the cleanse and get your digestion on track. 


 One other traditional way to come off a liquid fast is to have pure fruit. The favourites are papaya, watermelon and mango. These are great too. The fresh juice gong into your body after a time on water or fruit/ vegetable juices. To break the fast on fruit. Its exactly the same in quantity as using my cabbage recipe. Take very small amounts of the fruits for one to two days. Stick with one fruit at the time. If you can get fresh papaya then start with that. It contains some awesome digestive emzymes. Otherwise make it watermelon which is super high in water content and minerals... Fruit is pure cleansing and its delicious to break your liquid fast on fruit. 

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