How good is local honey? My recipe for marinated honeycomb.

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Don't we all love fresh, local and sustainable honey.... its really such a great delicious sweet alternative and it tastes so good! 

Honey is antimicrobial and its really good to help strengthen your body in winter months. Its full of antioxidants which protect your body.   Honey always takes on the flavours of the flaura which is why local honey is so delicious. Of course some honeys contain more healing benefits than others and that purely comes down to what the bees were eating at the time of storage in their hives. 

Make sure you get real honey thats raw and local from growers. Don't buy honey that is mixed down with high fructose corn syrup. its diluted with pure sugar which is the opposite to healthy honey! 

Theres some classic old recipes for honey and garlic.... Simply crush a clove of garlic and mix with a teaspoon on honey. Thats a typical home remedy and cough medicine in many places. this is one of the easiest cough formulas ever and works a treat! 


marinated honey comb

Heres my recipe for marinated honey comb. 

This perfect little marinated honey comb marinade will go well on salads, and mix gorgeously with most fruits. Or, you can just enjoy it as a special crunchy spread on toast! The delicousness of sweet and savoury is perfect here. The macadamia nuts add extra texture and the lovely herb combination will loft the honey and get better with time. the recipe makes about 500 grams. 

what you need. 

1. a good slab of honey comb. about 350 grams 

2. 100 grams crushed macadamia nuts

3. 50 grams thinnly sliced fresh dill 

4. 1 to 3 cloves of garlic finely chopped

5. 1 or two small chillis finely diced. 

6. 1/2 cup of tamari or low salt soy sauce.

7. A kitchen container with a lid 

What to do. 

1. Pop the honey comb into the bottom of your storage container. 

2. add in all other ingredients and pour the tamari evenly across the top. 

3. Place lid on container and shake so its well mixed, then pop in fridge. 

4. Leave it for at least two days before you start eating the product. You will notice that it becomes more liquidy and delicious as time goes on. Will store for up to one year in fridge. 

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