How empty is empty? Strategies for self healing

How empty is empty? Strategies for self healing

Hello. In this blog I want to share with you some information about feelings of emptiness that happen when we experience change in paradigm. When we step out, step up, step aside from the familiar and make the necessary steps to change and release what no longer serves us. 

We are all the same under the skin, unprotected, feeling vulnerable, and real. So, be kind to yourself, be as graceful and compassionate to yourself as you are to others. And, be as graceful and compassionate with others as you are on yourself. Step out of the personal stories that have locked you into a way that needs to be released. And… Let the emptiness flow….

What is real to you? what is real to me? I know so many of us have been undergoing many personal transformations in life circumstances. Whatever it is that is changing around us, there are some really nice herbal and personal strategies I want to share today. Really , its time to look after ourselves and let go of whats been dishonoring our real truth and personal expansions.

We are born with so much potential, and then we tend to limit our lives and close them down with our own self imposed limitations. Lets open that up and see where we go?  I am also sharing with you some of my top nutritional and herbal medicine tips to help you through. Blessings Dom xoox


Inevitable when we step out of the old and into the new

The cup of life is empty, the past has been relinquished from the present.

The pit in our basal chakras  is feeling uncomfortable,

The heart is  expanded and a little frail.  

There is a burning  sensation between our scapula.

The mind arkwardly observes optional signs of direction.

That is the truth of emptiness. But where is it leading us? 


We all have been experiencing some kind of change or another in life. There have been environmental and global sequences of events that are showing us the old paradigm of political and social exchanges are not for our planets highest good. We have to let go of what no longer serves us as individuals. We can not sit in illusion, denial, fraility, and fear any longer. We are the Shining light in our life and we are the only ones who can make a change, collectively towards a better planet.

The time has come my friends, when we just need to face ourselves, all the darkness, all the lightness and just get on with what is best for ourselves and our lives. This for me has always been in the path of service and in alignment with my healing and health advocacy. We all have something we naturally resonate towards that helps others. What is it for you?

Facing our part in the downfall of illusion, fear and fantasy. We created this situation, so we can resolve it in a gentle way that heals us and allows us to move forward.  When we face ourselves we need to own our part in any thing that has changed in our lives. Where we face our past and acknowledge our part in that and  let it go. We say Goodbye to what has been and we prepare ourselves to get ready for the new. And every moment is the new, so every moment is fresh.

Illusion is so easy to create , its ridiculous how we can assume something in our mind about how a situation exists. But… really thats only our mind…. Fear is the same.. we get an idea about what to be fearful of and it becomes our best friend. But, then its no longer needed and  we start opening up to another way.. Fear gets lonely and wants to come right back in and join Illusion to control us in the old way of being. Fantasy just steps up and plays the game in whatever way is most needed to help you escape and avoid whats really going on. Oh, yes fantasy…. Illusion and fear….. Our friends… worth observing,, but not worth our indulgence.


Feelings come up for everyone, and when we face situations in life of loss and grief. we go through a whole myriad of ever shifting emotions and feelings and today I ask this question….


How empty is empty? And when we feel empty what does that mean? Do we sit with it being so uncomfortable within ourselves that things must change? Or do we just try to fill that cup up again and replace what has gone missing?

Oh yes…. thats a dangerous concept… filling up what has gone missing…. you might just attract more of the same.. Thats all very well if you were happy with the status quo and you want the same things again. Or do you?

Is there a reason why the feeling of emptiness has contrary feelings within?  Emptiness can be an awesome feeling of potential and a feeling that everything is just open and ready to receive new opportunities. Then other times it can be a feeling of fear and loneliness and maybe life is going to leave us stranded with our iscolated dreams of uncomfortable confusions???  The question arises again and again. Is this an illusion? Is this coming from a place of love? Is this a fantasy? Yes, its a challenge. To sit comfortably in a space of emptiness and just face it head on and say” OK, I am empty. Its OK”  And really.. Thats the key to moving forward in life… “OK I am empty and its OK”. That is how we observe ourselves and that is how we allow space and time to heal us. Then we can get to our potential.

So to potentiate yourself in your lifes purpose and your own version of truth , you can’t just replace what has gone missing, you can’t just fill the cup up with anything… You need to get very specific and create something really beautiful for your future.

empty space

Here are my top tips to face feelings of emptiness and how to help yourself through them.

1. Keep looking up…. You can’t drown in your emptiness if you are breathing. So, when you look up practice some nice deep breathing. There is something really beautiful about breathing deeply. It gets more oxygen to your brain and somehow you feel better as the hormones take a sidestep into contentment. . And, when you look up, you can see the sky, the horizon of your life. THere sit the reflections of whats been before and there sit the potentials of what is to come…. and also there sits you right now… right here… right in the present.

2. Stay in the present moment and try to enjoy what is being offered in life. Yes, one step at the time when it comes to experiencing life. Moment by moment. Now, here… Now… Stay with what you are doing and enjoy it…. do whats for your best in each moment…. Sit with yourself and say ” What do I need right now to help me be ok” and then do it. Ohhh…. on that note we go to the next point..

3. Do not go for the quick fix…. Thats right my friends… danger zone number one is to escape from the present moment and the feeling of emptiness with escape strategies... these are many and varied and you will know whats empty and what is missing that you want to experience…. Ohhhhhh… we all are the same… we all have the same needs and it is advisable to not just take the first options presented to you… Perhaps the universe has a bigger plan in place and you really don’t want to fill the emptiness with something that is not going to serve your best and highest good. Just think common escape strategies of emptiness… companionship, sex, alcohol, drugs, fantasy, illusion, self sabotage, overindulgence, destructive actions,  running from the frying pan to the fire! personal abuses and actions and deeds that will feel like they are an escape and a gap filler now, but will be damaging or non productive to us in the future..

4. Find creative solutions and joyful experiences with like minded people. Yes, this is really the solution to emptiness when you really love to do something, then make it happen. What do you love? what gives you joy? what do you want to learn? what kind of people? PLaces give you a feeling of goodness? How can you incorporate more of this in your life? There may just lay the answers to your emptiness when you address these questions.

5. Own the emptiness… own the vulnerability…. Yes… Just accept it.. state it as yours. own it, exist in it like its your friend. appreciate it and recognise that better, yet fuller days are to come.. and that this emptiness is just that…. empty…. its shows us that it has a place in our lives and it shows up when we need it most. Lets face it.. you could have stayed in your old paradigm and stayed full of what you didn;t want. You could be full of what no longer serves you.. you can hold onto that if you want… then you would be full…. but not really serving your highest good, nor are you happy. At least now…. empty and empty… you are in your potential… you are flowing with the universe leading you to where you need to go. And you don;t know where that is…. so thats why you feel so empty..

6. Because you are empty doesn’t mean you need to be miserable… Yes, you can be at peace with the emptiness you feel. Just know that its transient and that you are where you are. Once again accept it… and nourish yourself with delicious foods, take every moment of joy and go with it with an open heart. Do not close yourself down into misery and decay because you are empty. Put on your fancy dancing shoes and dance!  IN the light of love we heal and sing…. We play, we dance with life, we take the preciousness of the now and we make the most of it.. that will show us the way.

7. Herbs to help you when you feel empty. My favourite herbs are Chamomile and passionflower to balance and nurture the nervous system. I also love Melissa for its antiviral properties and cats claw for its protective and immunomodulatory elements. I think when we feel empty we need nurturing and protecting with our herbal medicines. There are some qualities you want to bring into your life and this is why you may feel empty. Please contact me and we can talk about it and I will formulate you a divine herbal blend that helps you on all levels. Its so important to nurture yourself when you are feeling empty. Its the perfect opportunity to heal your adrenal glands and herbs such as asparagus, the ginsengs and rhodiola address this. Then you may need clarity, mental emotional, directional. Herbs such as brahmi. and ginkgo biloba are awesome in this arena.

8. Eat well and eat lightly. Yes, eat well, as in eat what you fancy and what is delicious. And eat lightly. YOUr body is processing so much and opening up so many new ways for your life when you feel empty. Don;t close it down with stodgy foods and large meals. Lighten up your digestion. In fact many of may patients do a detox or fast when they are feeling empty, just to enhance the experience and move through it faster. In my book The Wellness Zone , you can read all about this process.

9. Kundalini Yoga is the Master yoga for releasing what no longer serves you and for allowing the present to be peaceful and moving you into the future of love, light and joy. Please come to my classes if you are on the Sunshine Coast. Contact me directly to get details. Its time we started series 3 2014 in August. I would love to do that and for you to join me.

Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

With Love Dom xoxoox

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Sat Nam and travel well through the empty road of life.. Love Dom xoox