Home remedies....How do you approach herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is the first medicine. Its our peoples medicine. The type of medicine your mum has in the kitchen and gives you as the first point of therapy when you fall over ad graze your knee! Today I want to discuss home remedies with you and ask you a question.

Lemons and fennels are two simple foods to have on hand. Lemon releases acidic toxins from the body including mucous. Its super cleansing for your liver and blood and also acts as a internal sweep! Lemon is full of vitamin C too. Fennel soothes digestion. clears the body of toxins and acts as an antimicrobial. We love fennel for digestion and soothing the whole body. 

Think back to your child hood for a second and what were the medicines used at home? Home remedies are our go to remedies that just work instantly to soothe and begin the healing process. 

I remember at home mum used to give us a drop of eucalyptus oil on a teaspoon with a little sugar for sore throats. She cut an onion in half and placed it by our beds when we had the flu. She also gave us steam baths for head colds. And we had this tube of cream in the first aid kit that generally fixed everything especially when combined with a band aid!  We always used our own remedies are rarely went to the doctor. 

My sons grew up with an onion poultice around their necks when they had the flu or any coughing. Fasting to clear sickness is always a great way to release toxins when you are unwell. Same with old fashioned rest and a quiet room. 

Fresh herbal teas from the garden for digestive issues it was peppermint or fennel. To soothe emotions lemon verbena or chamomile. Fresh valerian flowers and leaves would always work a treat to calm down anyone who was stressed. Ginger for headaches, and turmeric to relieve pain. The list is enormous and its a good thing that we have so many wonderful home cures for illness.  

We all have our special additions to the kitchen first aid kit. Emergency flower essences, that special herbal blend with st johns wort and liquorice to quieten upset people. I know our Calendula balm is a go to for many families for cuts and grazes and our Arnica herbal skin balm is in many peoples home first aid kits to relieve aches, bruises and sprains. Herbal heating spray for muscles and sprains and cooling spray for kitchen burns and sun burns. Aloe vera to seal and heal wounds. A shot of pure passionflower extract when you can't sleep. So simple and effective. 

What have you got a at home that you use as every day remedies to cure basic ailments? 

I'd like to invite you to share this with me. I'm interested. Please email me in reply to this blog your comments. I enjoy learning about what you are doing to stay well and what you do when you get sick? As a herbalist and naturopath we have a whole truck load of medicines, concepts, cures, ideas, resources and a toolbox of herbs! What are some ways to be cured and to cure that are successful and novel! Tell me your ideas! 

Have a look in your first aid kit at home and  check what it needs? Look in your garden and see whats there to make up your families remedies. I look forward to hearing what you are doing!  My address is wellness@medicineroom.net 

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