How do antimicrobial Herbs keep you healthy?

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Some self healing is great today 
I wanted to make you a little mantra/ meditation  today… about health and wellness and talking to your cells in your body… 
Simply stand or sit still. Take three deep breathes in and out through your nose and feel present in the place where you are.
Now make the intention that you want to be well for something specific. It could be something like. ” I am feeling healthy and happy through my whole body” or it could be specific like ” I am healthy and happy in my liver” or any part of your body ” my heart” if you are heartbroken etc/
Gently rub your hands together and place your hands on that part of your body or simply embrace yourself in a big across your shoulders..
Close your eyes and take some long deep breathes again holding hat part of your body….
Say ” I am healthy and happy in my whole self… I send healing and love to my heart? Liver ? etc” Your choice…. Sit/ stand and keep doing this gently with yourself for at least three to five minutes….
Then stop and gently let go of the body and get on with your day…. 
Do this daily…. Lie in bed and do it before sleep. Add. to your self healing regime.

Its international womens day today! So that means we take a step closer to everyone understanding that women deserve education and a good life all over the world! Poverty and trauma are places where everyone suffers… and women and girls are often the last to be looked after and educated. Zonta International is an organisation that was set up in New York in 1919 and has been operated women for women ever since. Check out the great work we do and join us if you want to contribute to the betterment of women and children globally!


This rain on the Sunshine Coast has kept the sunshine away and there is mould and microbes developing everywhere! How are you feeling? Have you got any signs of pathogens? are you coughing? feeling under the weather? have you got recoccurring viruses and yeast, fungal infections flairing up this week?

Antimicrobial herbs are ones that protect your body and go in and selectively destroy and remove pathogens that enter our body. These herbs are usually broad spectrum and work on bacterias, viruses, fungal, yeast and parasitic infection.  Herbs that are antimicrobial are clever and reasonably fast acting at the site of the pathogen and  help your body heal faster plus can  help stop deeper and more sinister infections from developing.

In a way these are preventative medicines, in another way they are acute medicines. They are to be used when you think that a pathogen has entered your body and are best taken at the first sign of an infection or outbreak of a virus. For example you are somewhere and everyone has the flu, or you have been on a aeroplane or in large building with air-conditioning and people are sick, or you just feel that old feeling of a virus reoccurring.

These herbs do not boost your immunity, they do not stimulate your immunity. They are herbs that will go in and selectively choose what microbes they want to kill and destroy and then act on those only. Thats why we mix several powerful herbs in our herbal antimicrobial blend. Sometimes you may want to take these herbals for a whole month or longer to make sure they get in and act on the body in a healing way to clear you of pathogens.

The awesome antiviral herbs are often awesome antioxidants at the same time and they usually have other actions that help protect and support your body healing processes.  Some examples are Cats claw, olive leaf, Chinese wormwood, paw paw, Lavender, lemon myrtle,  rosehip, cranberry, elderberry, Chinese wormwood, turmeric, ginger  and hypericum. These herbs are great when you think that a virus has entered your body and depending on the virus you will use different herbs.

This is a great time of the year to take antimicrobial herbs and make Sure that your liver is free of viruses coming into the winter months which allows you to have a stronger resilience to pathogens of all sorts.

Paw paw is one of our favourites and we make the extract in the dispensary. We mix it with Pau d Arco, cranberry, Chinese wormwood, turmeric and rosehips for a super powerful brand spectrum antimicrobial blend to deal with all manner of digestive, liver, blood and whole body infections and issues including candida yeast infections, fungal infections and common viruses and pathogens that you may be exposed to. If you have a reoccurring virus like herpes, or shingles than taking these herbs on a regular basis is really beneficial for your body as you will get less occurrence and less symptoms. Some times taking this blend will stop the outbreaks totally for the time you take the herbs as a daily tonic. We recommend 15ml per 60 kg body weight once or twice a day depending on the symptoms. Often we ask people to take four to five does of the herbs for the first three days to really get the work going and body healing strong.

This Papaya tree been in our back garden for a couple e of years and grew super fast out of the compost heap. Its lush with fruit at the moment and we do lots with paw paw to get healthy 

Make yourself some paw paw juice from the leaf if you are worried about any mosquito born viruses. yes thats right… simply juice the leaves and drink that bitter green juice 30 mis three to five times a day for two or three days. This is used traditionally as a treatment for many fevers that can result from mosquito bites. Its super antimicrobial.

Eat the fruit and make sure you eat those seeds. They contain Papian which is a digestive enzyme and helps you assimilate food much better. Eating fresh paw paw fruit daily is a great enzyme and will help with any stomach and small intestine issues. You will also be assisting in removing parasites from the digestive tract by eating fresh paw paw, add a little leaf in there  for super antimicrobial protection. IT also contains antioxidants, vitamin C and loads of micro nutrients.


Crushing paw paw leaves and adding them to salad dressings, soups and sauces is a great antimicrobial addition to your diet through the autumn months to help reduce pathogens in your body. Its easy to add antimicrobial herbs to your diet everyday as a great preventative health measure. Adding a taste of bitterness with those antimicrobial actions.

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The manufacture of organic herbal medicines is a process where we maximise the antimicrobial potency of these plants. Fresh is good and making your own decoctions and drinks at home is easy with our books THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE and THE WELLNESS ZONE which are both available as e books for $5 each online

Our herbal solutions are organic, hand made and just right to help you get well and stay well.



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