How can you boost your immunity now ?

How can you boost your immunity now? 

My take on the virus is that its a new cross species virus that has found its way into our human viral systems. Its known as the 2019-nCoV virus. There have been two other similar situations in 2002 with SARS and then in 2012 with MERS. Both of these were also Corona viruses and they both were new like this one with fast spread and rapid illness. So, for me the best way to prevent and protect our bodies is to boost our immunity now! 

At this time look after yourself and treat your body with extra love and care when it comes to any signs of the flu. Rest up and take good measures to protect yourself. The onset of any corona style cross species virus is a huge worry for everyone, especially the weak and vulnerable. 


The latest statistics show that there is a 2% death rate. This is less compared to the 2002 epidemic of SARS which had a 9% death rate. The numbers of the this  virus are higher than SARS and the impact globally has led the World health organisation to put an International health alert in place. This says that the exposure rate to contraction rate is high! What that means is that if you are exposed to this air borne virus then there is a high chance you will get it. The contamination contagious period is still unknown and symptoms are very flu like with cough, cold and fever being the main symptoms that can lead to Pneumonia . 

Today Qantas has closed down flights from the 9th of Feb to and from China. Globally everyone is closing down borders to stop the spread of this virus. To fix it locally at he source in Wuhan China is the aim and to stop the spread globally. However we don't really know much about Coronavirus and we can only look after ourselves and keep our immunity strong. The best information we have is the historical data on the two previous viruses that were thankfully contained through effective public health processes. 

There is a rush on with bigpharma to come up with a specific antiviral to cure patients of Coronavirus and there was one interesting case in Thailand this week that has shown us that existing antivirals can help greatly. 

The doctors combined the anti-flu drug oseltamivir with lopinavir and ritonavir, antivirals used to treat HIV,  A representive Dr Kriengsak said. This was given to a elderly woman who was positive with Coronavirus and then after this medication in 12 hours was showing improvements and able to stand up again and was recovering well. Thailand is reporting new cases daily as is Wuhan in Mainland China where the virus originated and is now in lockdown. But has the lockdown come too late? If Thailand is open for travel then the virus is spreading fast! Many countries are only now experiencing cases of this virus which started in December 2019. Think of the millions of people who have been exposed since then? Were they mostly strong and resistant to the virus? Or is there more unknown? However the results from Thailand are showing hope for exisiting pharmaceutical antivirals. 

If this is the case then lets look at our herbals and apply the same principles and we can give you HIV and flu antiviral herbals to help prevent the onset of Coronavirus if you are exposed to this virus and to also protect your body as we find in herbal medicine that often antivirals are also immuno boosting. There are many herbs that are antiviral. 

How can you be exposed? 

The virus is spread through coughing, sneezing and general flu like symptoms being exposed from one person to another. Its unknown at this time what the incubation period is, and its even unsure of what the contamination is? This means that you may be spreading the virus in this time. At the moment it is obvious that air travel and exposure to Mainland China are the main points of contact. However if you are in air conditioned offices, airports, public environments like cinemas and shopping centres then you could be exposed.

Naturopathically its all about prevention is better than cure. 

Good old fashioned hygiene. 

This is the logical approach to prevention and less exposure. Wash your hands well and keep your food clean. 

We like to avoid places where we could be exposed. So knowing there are reported cases in Australia we do need to be alert now. Think about where you are going and if you are feeling vulnerable and sick then please reconsider the exposure to mass environments that are air conditioned and full of people! Also Restaurants and cafes where staff may be exposed? 

Take your vitamins and especially vitamin C. We love a good nutritional profile and if your body is optimally well and you are full of good nourishment that is the first step to stay healthy. Vitamin C sweeps toxins out of the liver fast and it also helps you stay strong feeding adrenal glands. 

Eat the logical foods that help boost your immunity. Shitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger and turmeric all help boost your body and protect you from illness. 

Here are some herbs to help you! 

Cats Claw. 

Herbally cats claw is used as an antiviral and also to boost immunity. Its a herb that is used for HIV and also very strong viral infections like mosquito born viruses. Research shows that cats claw is a powerful herb to work on broad spectrum microbes in the body. 


This king of bitters works on the liver and helps pull viruses out of the blood too. Andrograhis is powerful as it targets the liver and helps the liver clean out all illnesses. It is also a string herb for the lungs and works on clearing and cleaning the lungs of infections. 

Elderberry Berries

This is a powerful antiviral herb and has been used for cross species infections such as swine flu. Elderberry berries are a specific antiviral antioxidant combination that helps strengthen the body and also work against viruses. 

Ganoderma Mushroom 

Reishi Mushroom is one of the strongest ways to boost your immunity and protect your liver and body from viral infections. Take a daily dose of mushrooms and you will be protected from many viral exposures. They say 1000 days of reishi mushroom with totally transform your immune system into a powerhouse! 

Astragalus root 


Astragalus helps make immune cells and increase your immunity. This herb is really good for everyone and helps as a preventative. Its one of the best immunity boosting herbs. 

 Echinacea Root 

We love echinacea root for its immunity boosting and protective properties. Echinacea also is antimicrobial and antiviral. It's a great herb to protect and prevent viral infections and also help clear them. 

Ok enough herbs.... I could write all day about how awesome herbs are and why they are here to protect you now. Let us know if you want us to make you a super powerful immunity boosting herbal blend. Connect with us and we are happy to  make you a herbal blend. 

At this time look after yourself and treat your body with extra love and care when it comes to any signs of the flu. Rest up and take good measures to protect yourself. The onset of any corona style cross species virus is a huge worry for everyone, especially the weak and vulnerable. 

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