How are you settling into the new year?

Theres that classic saying " every year goes faster" and it seams to be true again. 2019 is flying by and we are already in mid February. We are feeling super busy and already our schedule is full for the year,  I really don't like working a year ahead.... it feels busy.... it feels like there isn't any room for spontaneous decisions and surprises. How are you going with that one? 

Do you plan far ahead? How far? and to what degree? Do you plan your whole life? or just parts like work? holidays? Or could you tell someone your exact movements going into the future for the next 12 months? 

Its good to have regular activities, regular appointments in life that help us be better people. The appointments where we make progress in our lives. Fitness activities, study, work, meetings and things to do that are somewhat fun and are progressive. The forward movement of your life in good ways! 

But what about the crappy parts? the hard stuff? The grind that is stressful and bringing you down? Can you take another full year of this? or not? If not then what will you do to change it? This may need some planning and it might take a while.... but if it needs doing.... you must do it. How can you change up your life into more bliss and joy? 

I know sometimes I get ideas! These ideas are real in my mind and they are things that I want to do..... I like to have room in my schedule to do them. I like the spaces between the "doing" to have the "being" and this is where I am able to observe my world and be discerning in what can be achieved and in what priority. 

The "being" is the parts that help us create more wellness in our lives.... That is to just "be" stop and rest, smell the flowers and reflect, relax and contemplate life.... Its important.... equally important as the schedule and the plans, the doing and the busy ness that creates movement in your body.... 

To be "still" is the aim.... stillness of mind and body. I hope you get some of that this year. Make time for it because thats when the magic happens. Stillness is serenity, peace, grace, openness, listening, sparks of wisdom. 

This pic is me with some of my surfing sisters! We have been meeting for the last couple of years and all love our surfing journey... Sometimes its challenging, sometimes its the most fun activity ever! Sometimes we paddle hard against the current and sometimes we flow with the rips out to sea! There are dolphins, sharks, sting rays, turtles, people, sand, waves, air, sun and rain.... We face it all together and have created something beautiful.... They say surfing reflects your life... well it does, and each day is different.... We step away from it for a while and then dive back in head first... Its beautiful... what do you do thats beautiful?  

May you have the ability to change the things you can, accept the things you can't change and the wisdom to know the difference! 

Our next Long Table Wellness day is March 3rd on Womens hormonal health. We welcome you to join us. Places limited as I like to keep these days super awesome and helpful for all attendees. 

 See you soon. We are at Eumundi Markets every Saturday and also I'm available for herbal body therapy and naturopathic consults... connect with me and we can make a plan to help you with your wellness. 

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Have a great day

Love and light Dominique Livkamal

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We made a film clip on Ginkgo last week  Its on IGTV, Facebook and we will upload to our you tube channel! 

Much love Dom xox 



Blessings Dom xox