How are you doing in this darkest week of the year?

How are you doing in this darkest week of the year?

” The darkness of winter can not overwhelm my shining light within. I sit in the seed of my intuition and allow the truths, the manifestations, the dreams and the life plans to emerge, slowly they come like a bubbling spring of knowingness to me, as I relish in this dark, warm, and safe place within. There is a time for everything, and this is my time for waiting.. like the seed in the ground…. all is there all can happen”

Hello My Friends… June 23rd 2014…
How are you doing in this darkest part of the year in the Southern Hemisphere
So we are sitting in stillness letting ideas and projects bubble to the surface and then acting on them in the important time between the new moon and the first week of this moon.


Ok, so this is all about intention and making it clear to ourselves trusted ones that what is being created now is going to be beautiful, powerful and moving into the next level of our personal developments. This is for all of us.

We are the seed in the ground, we are the intelligence and the pure potential to get past our own neurosis, our own insecurities and our own monkey minds to come to a place of stillness, focus, balance and brilliance. Let go of your inadequecies, be your best self, allow this seed of newness to be your best friend.

Listen to the whisperings of the darkest, longest nights. Hold that silence, wind, rain, coolness and unknown as the best possible situation for you to grow. Listen to your mind, what are you telling yourself? make it good news, make it fabulous news. Look forward and keep your mind away from looking back. We have all done enough looking back now, the time has come to drop that which was, and to be here in the darkness of the unknown, to feel it with every cell of our body.

To feel uncomfortable, to not know the future, to take up the seeds of opportunity that will add to our highest good. To make plans, plans from the whispering within. This is it.. stage set, curtain ready to be raised, show on…. the show of your own newest, freshest seed about to manifest into the next show of your life, the next chapter, the next scene, the next act, the next movie, the next reality,  the next observation of who you are and what you can achieve, the next nowness. Afterall, thats all we have in NOW!

So be present, and be filled with anticipation and knee quaking nervous energy like that seed in the ground. Still yet vibrating so high, so fine a frequency of your own self and your own truth. This is the path of service you offer yourself and others. This is the way!

We can all contribute to  a better place of compassion, grace, equality, education, pureness, excellence,potential. Your life path, what is that we can do it, just be accepting this darkness now and taking that into the future as the seed gets ready to crack open and emerge above the fertile soils of your mind!

Oh yes, and take your herbs, your beautiful herbs. Have some of our immunity blend so you feel strong. Take some Relaxing sweet dreams blend at night so you can dream up those dreams.

with gusto in the most relaxed way.
Blessings Dom xoxox