Hormonal Health for Women and developing resilience

Hormonal Health for Women and developing resilience

Hello and welcome to my latest blog/ podcast. We are deep into winter here on the mountain and the last week has been misty and cold. Its a great time to hibernate and to make time to rest and look after ourselves by boosting our immunity to help prevent winter ills and chills.

I want to share with you today my podcast on womens hormonal health and also share with you some other writing that I was invited to do this week about developing resilience.Developing resilience is such an essential thing for us to do as we are challenged with life and as we develop and grow as individuals. I hope you enjoy my offerings.

Project Wellness takes some interesting turns as I read from the book in the soundcloud podcasts and get some good productive feedback from my listeners. Thanks to everyone who has listened and gotten in touch with me about herbs, natural medicines and solutions to your ailments.

Today we are talking about Womens hormonal health care and all of the intricacies and details of the monthly cycle and what we can do for ourselves to help balance hormones for optimal health. Here is discuss the hormonal cycle and exactly what happens in technical terms. Then we go on to discuss the issues that can happen with our hormones and the cycles. This includes pre menstrual tension. Tension, inflammation, depression, forgetfulness, headaches.  PMT is a condition that has no defined boundaries and it can be manifested in so many ways that can interupt your harmony and peace.


Perimenopause has its own set of complications as women deal with the consequences of working hard for years on end and also the hormonal cascades that go from adrenal fatigue followed by thyroid dysfunction and estrogen ovarian hormonal inbalances that can lead to complications at menopause.  There are also issues with obesity and weight gain that can come from this cycle. In my podcast I go into detail and how you can help yourself.

Menopausal symptoms are a real issue for some women and the decisions to take Hormonal replacement therapies are complicated. I discuss details of this stage in the cycle and what you can do herbally and nutritionally to address hormonal inbalances and especially the estrogens and how they can effect you. I am happy to help you personally if you want to try herbal medicines and nutritional strategies.

We also talk about infertility and my solutions to help you conceive. We have worked with hundreds of couples to help conceive using herbal medicines and nutritional support. I address mens infertility issues as well as womens and how you can help each other and prepare for pregnancy.


Whatever your hormones are doing… you need to develop resilience.. now thats in your mind and heart.. So, I hope the following information helps you. 

 We all can develop resilience and that is one quality that just makes us stronger and more confident and capable within ourselves. I love to develop my resilience and I know that as we get older and wiser we do become more resilient and life is more enjoyable because we have learnt to face ourselves and know what we are able to do and not to do. We develop the grace to accept others and situations that we can not change, we learn the courage to make bold steps forward and make the changes we know we can do, and we develop resilience and acceptance to take life as it comes day to day and not get caught up personally in every drama, prediction and challenge that comes our way… Yes I’m talking about coping with stress in a graceful way too here. Because when you are resilient your capacity for stress becomes a lot better to cope with.

Resilience my friends is what is called for…. discerning resilience... Its a place where you need to go alone… Its a place where you need to step back from your own frustrated, fighting, frightened and inadequate self and step up into your calm, cool, collected, observant, peaceful, graceful and compassionate self… to clearly see where  you are and what needs to be done now to achieve a good result in your life for yourself… and if other people still talk to you… them too.

1. Look at your life in a calm and objective way.. see what you are feeling needs change and make the plans to do the change .

2. sometimes change can happen fast.. you need to become the master of change otherwise you will become the victim of change. See what needs changing and make the moves.. often it is hard , but thats life.. its not a cruisy ride all the time.

3. Have patience with yourself and with others and situations. THis means that you can make step by step changes that will end to a big shift eventually.

4. Trust yourself and the process. Trust that you can achieve what you need to achieve and get the results you want.. but you might change the way you do it along the line.. and thats fine… in fact thats impressive as you are showing yourself true resilience and ability to adapt. Don’t sway between opposites.. trust your instincts.

5. be honest with yourself. recognise your weaknesses, your strengths and make them work for you.

6. Know yourself above all else. Yes make time to have a relationship with yourself and ten you know what you want and how you will respond to any changes and situations. So, when you read, listen to information you will know how you will respond to that and what that means to you. That is a sign that you are resilient.

7. Don’t be swayed by what other people think and say about the situation if you have made up your mind about something… keep the end goal in sight, however taking a side path to get there is ok. So when you read something that resonates with you and you feel like it is true for you, then do it if thats good. But also when you read something that is not resonating with you… just say no and stay on track with where you want to be.

8. Develop determination. Yes, develop your own determination and stick with that. know what you want and be determined to get it without compromising on the core values you hold true to yourself.

9. Use your intuition. The best tool in any scenario is the combination of intelligence and intuition.

There, that pretty well sorts out resilience for you. Yes you can do it… You can be resilient and you can only do your best on any given day. How resilient you are depends on these factors as listed above and I know that we are all more resilient and capable than we give ourselves credit for.



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