High vibes on the mountain October 2016 LINE UP ANNOUNCEMENT


We are celebrating our second High Vibes on The Mountain on October 1st at Maleny Community centre. We would like to invite you to join us on this journey of conscious movement, dance, and singing. 

It will be loads of fun and we really want to share with you the joy of having a flexible body, mind and a relaxed feeling of presence that these sessions bring.

here is the program details. Please share with your friends and invite them

Early Bird ticketing open until Sept 29th and then all tickets at the door.$ 30. teenagers and children free when they come with you. Wow, its getting close now… Looking forward to seeing you in Maleny Oct 1st.

High Vibes Octoberdd


Our next High Vibes On The Mountain starts at 5pm with Gwyn Williams founder and creator of Zen Thai Shiatsu Training. Gwyn has developed an amazing formula for wellness and he shares with us the benefits of Zen Thai Partner flow in this 90 minute session. You can experience so much wellness and joy when you come to one of Gwyns classes. This one will be movement and balance. The class is targeted at all levels of yoga fitness and you will enjoy the stretch and the muscular/ fascia lengthening and openings from this class. BYO mat

5pm. 90 mins  Gwyn Williams founder and developer Zen Thai Flow teaches a class that involves his Vinyasa yoga flow, partner body work and group connection from the heart. Gwyn travels the world sharing his teachings and develops innovative teachings from Thai, French and Chinese influences as he weaves the web that has no begining and no end using Traditional Chinese medicines, body technique, fascia healing, muscular whole body balance and loving healing connection between giver and receiver. 

Gwyn brings his spring healing seasonal flow in this 90 minute session at High Vibes.. plant the seed and let the wood element show you the way forward. 



at 7pm Lulu and Mischka grace our stage with their beautiful version of Bhakti Yoga, Yes devotional singing and chanting with Lulu and Mischka is always a joy. They are back from their 2016 world tour and come to Maleny to join us and sing. Enjoy the energetic high as Lulu and Mischka open our body to becoming the musical instrument that it is!

Lulu and Mischka have made it to the beautiful point of working with Dharma in chanting and yoga. They come to High Vibes following their successful Euro tour and revisit the mountain for some blissful tunes to help us connect within to the place we call home.. Lulu and Mischka have been travelling and sharing their Kirtan music, Bhakti yoga and yoga classes for many years. You may remember them from Woodford Folk Festival several years ago? Or you may have seen their posters and Facebook postings. Well, now is the time to enjoy the experience live… Come sit down with us. relax and sing! 

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9pm we dance to the tunes of Murray Kyle... International Troubadour and song master Murray has developed a unique style of world music where we  dance, dance dance… This will be fun. Murray is also returning home to Australia after his Euro summer tour and brings some new tunes and high energy to our event.

 Murray Kyle is an accomplished Australian Musician who has travelled through the troubadour tunnel of experience to come out in the light of conscious dance and movement. His shamanistic influences shine through his guitar  and voice as he takes us on a journey of dance, joy and freedom. Murray has just returned from his European Festival touring and its exciting that he is joining us on the Mountain. 


Tickets on sale now


High Vibes on the mountain is the initiative of Dominique LIvkamal who has developed this collaboration between the presenters to bring us an evening of conscious movement, voice and dance. The flow of the evening is designed to take you on a journey of physical exercise and asana with Gwyn Williams who initiates the connection to yourself and your community and then your journey goes within as you sing with Lulu and Mischka followed by the release and joy of dance with Murray Kyles music. 

Catering is Vegan and vegetarian with Eric Jaffres 

Drinks Herbal exlixirs, Chilli Cacao, Lemon Ginger and Chai by medicineroom naturopathic herbal dispensary . 

Catering and drinks are extra cost and opens from 4.30pm. 

Blessings and with love Dom xox