Herbal Parasite Cleansers that take the toxins out as well!

Super excited that we have been busy with planning our schedule for 2018. We are at Bali Spirit Festival, Byron Spirit Festival, The Planting Festival and also Qld Garden expo.  Please call by and say hello if you are these events and also check out the programs to see my presentations and workshops. 

However the most profound new exposure of my work is with the Plant Medicine Summit on March 21st 9.30am our time for my interview with David Crow on The Signature of herbs….. yes… I’m on my first USA online summit. If you get the upgrade on this summit you can download my book The magic of food as medicine for free!

I have one workshop planned in the first half of the year. Friday 25th May in Maleny $80 for a day of wellness strategies with me including a plant based lunch. 10am till 3pm. Limited spaces so book asap if you want to come along. Its my only workshop between now and the second half of the year. We are also at Eumundi Markets every Saturday. So call in and see us for our free clinics and to get the best deals on our body products.

Herbal Parasite Cleansers are so necessary with our body on a regular basis. Did you watch our latest  video  with this blog yet? Please make time to do so as you will be opening your mind to my concepts on parasite cleansing as we guide you through the various energetics and physical options!

Parasites are determined to be present when you either feel like they are there mentally? Think they are there emotionally? know they are there physically? or are told they are there by someone else and know it to be true in yourself! 

.It doesn’t matter what the parasite is, it doesn’t matter how it got there… all that is irrelevant.. what matters is that it gets out of your body, field of energy and that you are able to be free of this inhibition on yourself. Parasites tend to cling on to you, they excrete their own toxins and project these onto you, they do not care about you and are like an epiphyte on a plant…. they grow with you and stay with you and multiply on you!! Parasites are something that will make its home in and around you until you get too heavy with its poisons and you have had enough! yes enough is enough!

With out being disgusting…. lets just take the example of maggots…. Now we all know that maggots are the precursor to the fly and that maggots are a great source of protein when eaten, We also know that they love warm conditions and love to grow on food as its rots in your compost bucket. We also know that maggots can be great medicine when they are placed on open wounds and bandaged up to act as a living poultice selectively eating the toxins from your skin and stopping infection….. We also know that when you eat food that has been blown on by a fly and that food is in your digestive tract fermenting in the sluggishness of poor digestion…. we know that you can breed maggots in your small and large intestine and they can live there happily. So many ways and so many parasites can come in you all the time. If you are strengthen the fly ridden food you just ate may passthrough the body harmlessly too and there will be no maggots growing in your belly! These are just examples… options.

So, the story doesn’t stop there with the opportunities that parasites can have on us! In our body theres a lot of choice with air we breathe, what we touch and put in our mouths, what we physically connect to, who we connect to, how we connect to what we connect to! And in my world of parasite cleansing, we are also looking at energetics and the etherial unseen and un researched parasites that can get caught up in our minds, our emotional body and our luminous body! These are the crappy thoughts, the crappy situations, the crappy scenes we get caught up in and the connections that we allow to stay with us that are fundamentally as toxic to ourselves as the most lethal poison…. yet we let them sit there and stay tuned into our vibration.. why?

You can be more open to parasitic infections and invasions when you are vulnerable, sick, weak, undernourished, over nourished, upset, emotionally overwhelmed, going through transitions in your life and when you are not following your truth and inner guidance systems. All of these things make us more open to the allowance of toxins on many levels. 

In our clinic we don’t believe in taking parasite cleanse like its a special thing you are doing! No, we work everyday with this aspect of wellness. Many of my patients will take herbal parasite herbs three or four times a week, yes, every week as part of their wellness profile. Happy to talk with you about that one too, send me an email. The foods we eat are super important too. Look at my books for this info. They are here as ebooks online for $5 each.

Please check out the you tube clip that goes with this blog and connect with us via email wellness@medicineroom.net to see if we can help you remove those parasites from your life with gentle herbs and easy solutions such as the foods we choose daily and the rituals we make for ourselves in all our healings and lifestyle choices.

Physical cleansing involves herbs such as black walnut hulls, garlic, Chinese wormwood, cloves, spices, silica and regular digestive tract cleansing so that there is no putrification in your digestive tract. It also involves getting deep into the liver and removing viruses, fungus, yeast, bacterial and all sorts of congestive matter such as hormones, heavy metals, toxins and environmental poisons.

Emotional cleansing involves releasing what doesn’t do you any good anymore, it involves resolutions, understanding of self and others, compassion, generosity and allowance to be aware of your emotional parasites and toxic issues and use rituals like water, bodywork, meditation, prayer and aromatherapeutic to clear the lines and release the pressures of these parasites letting them go away from your sphere of life.  I find my  medicines work so well for this, they are the Lavender, sage, thyme, rosehip, lemon grass, flowery emotional and antimicrobial beautiful essences.

Mental removal involves forgiveness, grace, understanding and meditation. It can involve affirmations, talking, releasing and sharing whats going on in this field for you. Mentally mantra and mudras are great as the mind releases its attachment to the monkeys within, and the chatter becomes a more productive and less toxic dialogue.  You can see your mental toxins with your awareness.  The super powerful herbs like St Johns wort, Melissa, Bacopa, and oats work well on these levels.

I wanted to share this valuable information with you as we head out of the flames of summer and heat into the metallic hues of autumn coolness and the letting go of all things toxic. Its amazing how each season brings with it its own nuisances and styles of cleansing. The beautiful metal cleaning really involves boosting our immunity in the process. So, more about that later.

Can we help you feel better in your life? Can we help you develop more energy, increase your metabolism, deodorise your organs and cells? Feel better. Talk with us about getting rid of summertime sluggishness and lifting your energy and passion.

We hold our free clinics at Eumundi markets every Saturday and we are there to formulate herbal medicines for you! We also have our hand made body products that you can also buy online!

Importantly the skin is the organ we want to keep in pristine condition at this time of the year. I have been using our rich herbal skin nectar and our rosehip and chamomile nectar on my skin all summer now. The sun factor protection  is about 15 to 20 and my skin is feeling great. No sunburn and lots of great hydration.

You can purchase our nectars online now for $39 each 100ml or two for $70. Freight free where ever you live!

My book The Wellness Zone is out of print now. We sold 10,000 copies and now offer it to you as a download, $5 each download.  This is 368 pages of wellness information and your guide to optimal health. We also have THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE as an e book for you now too. $5 each.

May you walk in your light each day , developing your life in a beautiful way that enhances your wellness and joy.

We are of service for you! Our mission is to create wellness and joy through education, herbal medicines, great workshops and events! Connect with us.

Blessings and have a great day

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