Herbal Hormonal Energy Boosters

Herbal Hormonal  energy boosters


Make a cuppa and join me for this short video blog. 

Today we are focusing on our video blog and herbal solutions for hormonal and energy boosting. 

Herbal energetics to improve your hormonal and energy levels, This involves the endocrine system and this becomes stressed when we have been over doing it. This is false fuel and we need to look after our adrenal hormones, our thyroid hormones and our sex hormones. This cascade occurs when you have a lot of excess energy used through projects and emotional stresses and you  end up crashing and loosing energy. We tend to inbalance our bodies by burning out this system. And our hormones are something we all want to take care of daily.

Herbal medicines are great as hormonal energetic boost through the pituitary gland and healing the glands from the top down. For energy we want to make sure that we find our balance.

The ginsengs are all good for adrenals. Panax ginseng is really good for men. The Siberian Ginseng is adaptogenic and really good for the whole body and great for women and children. Liquorice root is a very good tonifier for the whole body. So is rehmannia when used for adrenal and spleen strengthening. In this video blog I have covered some good herbal solutions to help you increase your energy. adding in adaptogenic herbal and really nice cellular energising herbals helps you gain your energy faster.

In this blog I talk about iodine and why you want to add it to your diet? Its great to keep your metabolism balancer and also what you can do to help increase your energy and boost your hormones today.


Upcoming events we are coordinating. 

OKA in Maleny next Friday the 18th August. 

CLEARING SEXUAL ENERGY workshop Maleny Sunday 20th August 


Kundalini yoga clearing sexual energies for wellness

Workshop Sunday August 20th 2017



10.00 Welcome and intro for the day over delicious herbal elixirs to set your energy up for the session.
10.30 Kundalini Yoga Kriya to balance the ten bodies plus deep lower chakra meditation to release sexual imprints and cords.
12.30 Lunch
13.00 Mediation and affirmation to set your priorities and sexual boundaries following clearing.
14.00 Herbal medicines and nutritional strategies to assist the process.
15.00 Mantra and mudra for this clearing and continued strategies for you to take home and use.

Blessings and light. 

Don;t worry if you can’t come to this workshop, we will bring it to you. Please buy your ticket and send me an email telling me you want to attend via online access and we will allow you access after event.

Bookings on my website.$80 per person including vego lunch and herbal elixirs for day. Limited numbers due to space yet to be decided.

Clearing sexual energy workshop August 20th 2017

My book The Wellness Zone is out of print now. We sold 10,000 copies and now offer it to you as a download This is 368 pages of wellness information and your guide to optimal health.

The Wellness Zone Ebook


HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN JAN 20th and 21st 2018 is in programming mode now. We have secured some top names in wellness and health in Australia and plan two days of yoga, dance, chanting, healthy speakers and cooking demonstrations. 


OKA Maleny August 18th at Community Centre…. Yes you guessed it OKA are coming to High Vibes on the mountain in January and they have decided to come up here and play in two weeks from now!!! Super excited to host them. We will be running our herbal elixir bar for the evening there too. So, come and dance, dance, dance…

You can buy tickets at presale  price of $20 each from us at medroom at markets or call us before next Friday. 0409765033. 


May you walk in your light each day , developing your life in a beautiful way that enhances your wellness and joy.

Blessings and have a great day

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