Herbal Honey anyone?? delicious

 Herbal Honey anyone?? yumm

And here we are… Weds morning in the Herbal Dispensary, Just cooking up a beautiful day of herbal honey. Alex and I had so much fun. I want to share with you the joys of working with our children, as they get older, they get bolder and today Alex was pouring this super amazing batch of honey straight from the 20 litre pot into the pouring jug at a rapid pace. It was so amazing I just had to take this picture. The honey of choice we made was elderberry. ( Sambucus nigra). Ok, we extract the berries. Traditionally the leaves and flowers are extracted, BUt I read some research many years ago about the berries that turned me into their biggest fan. Did you know that elderberry was specific for swine flu? Well just in case you hang around bacon a lot, it could be handy news. and also did you know it was an antiviral for many strains of virus. esp those ones lurking about in winter months? and just to add to its amazing talents the berry of the elderberry is a super antioxidant that rates quite high on the orac chart. Thats the measurement for free radials in an oxidative environment and the death rate of them. So, its a beautiful addition to your wintertime regime.


Now honey…. honey.. ( I just love that phrase) is all about nutrients, energy, balance and natures oldest known medicine. HOney has been found to be in perfect condition after very long periods of time and it is preserved beautifully in many mediums. Honey has been used by herbalists forever to combine the medicinal benefits of herbs with the medicinal benefits of honey and I truly love this combination in wintertime. Think about sore throats, coughs, colds and flus. The old saying ” Just a spoon full of honey helps the medicine go down”  and it does!

Our herbal honey recipes are in my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE and also now we have made some that you can take home and enjoy without slaving over a hot herbal dispensary to get them. Today we made 250ml bottles that are selling for $15 each Link to buy herbal honey online at our wellness shop NOW It is simple and delicious.

How to use Herbal Elderberry Honey 

1. My favorite way. Just lick it from the spoon, yumm .

2. Add to hot herbal teas and winter time drinks. Add 15ml of herbal honey to a cup of steaming hot water with the juice of half a lemon for a mucus flu busting drink.

3. Add Herbal honey to your cakes, sweet treat and cooking delights. Yes, we all like to keep the sugar down, and adding honey as a sweetner is certainly the first choice of many health conscious person. So replace traditional sweetners with Herbal honey.. yummy.

4. You herbal extract consumers will love this idea! Add 5ml of herbal honey to every herbal elixir blend you take as your daily tonic and you will be blissed out with a decent taste for once! Seriously, it totally changes the experience.

5. Honey up your porridge, muesli and other breakfast meals. Add some of our elderberry honey syrup to your yoghurts, your green juices, your smoothies, your chia seed and coconut treats and you will enjoy so much nutrition and medicine at once..

6. Ok , Lets get a tad celebratory here. Elderberry honey and vodka tastes amazing. Just one of course, and just one dash in a a glass of bubbly is quite good too!

7. Finally, I will have to say that marinating fresh fruits in Elderberry honey is totally delicious.  My Swiss Grandma used to add Brandy to the marinated fruits too. esp berries like blueberries and strawberries, Then you can use them for deserts. A really good traditional french cake is to marinate the fruits overnight in this syrup, then you bake your cake, scoop out the centre of the cake and mix it through with the marinated fruits. Put it back in the cake and top with some whipped cream…. mmmm that is true medicine…. Good food, good company and good feelings…


So we also have our marinated Garlic honey .. and don’t we just love garlic. This one is marinated organic garlic granules that have been cut to a small grade where the active constituents are easily accessible. and yes.. its australian garlic. These little pots sell for $10 each and are simply decadent when you add a blob to your stir fries and cooking.


Once again you can add to wintertime drinks, soups and cooking. Its not my favorite to lick off the spoon. However its truly great wintertime medicine and garlic has such wonderful cardiovascular, cholesterol, heart care and circulatory benefits, Its great to ward off infections and illness. Yes, its blood building and strengthening. Once again you can buy these on our website Herbal honeys online purchase.

Our Schedule for July is simple 

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Yoga Fest Kundalini Yoga with Dom Its on Sunday the 13th of July at 2.30pm at the Old Museum Building in Brisbane. Come and join my awesome class. So much joy to teach this transformative style of yoga.

and you can make bookings for our wonderful inaugural REJUVENATION RETREAT from October 25th till 28th in beautiful Montville online too on our web site.  We have the full range of herbal skin balms for sale on there and our delicious herbal perfumes and nectars. My books THE WELLNESS ZONE and THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE.

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Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

With Love Dom xoxoox