Herbal First Aid Teachings with Dominique on September 1st Sunshine Coast.

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Recently I was honored to present my work on Herbal first aid to two International Conferences in London UK. The ICNM ( International Conference naturopathic medicine) and the  Traditional Medicine Conference. 

Herbs we use in HERBAL FIRST AID VARY according to where we are and local medicines, whats available and who is the practitioner offering herbal first aid. 

Ten years ago we went into festivals and started our free community clinics. Its always been popular and you may have come to see us in places like " Woodford Folk Festival" ," the Planting Festival", " Queensland Garden Expo", Splendour in the Grass", Earth frequency festival", :Island Elements Festival". 

Four years ago we went to a festival at Ivory Rock in Queensland and it was the first time we had attended " Earth Frequency festival". The event was very different to the festivals we were used to operating in and we quickly found that the needs of the patrons was more physically based than herbal medicine based. So many people came to us with physical injuries and  mosh pit injuries. These were mostly feet and hands, cuts and abrasions, bruises and muscle pain. As our usual practice at that time was mostly coughs, colds, flus, headaches and tiredness in a festival. We quickly had to adapt our practices and apply a new form of therapy in festivals. Hence the birth of our free herbal first aid service. 

The service varies according to environment. Here is Jamin working on a surfing injury recently in Byron Bay. This guy just was hit by a fin and the cut quite deep. We compressed with herbs and covered the wound. Gave him some soothing internal medicines and sent him into his day feeling nurtured, loved up and cared for. Thats the essence of this practice... Nurturing care! 

Since we started the service  we have applied it across all festival forums and have adapted, refined and expanded our applications to meet the unique environment of each event. We have also offered it in surfing communities. How can you apply this service? where do you see it fitting into your environment? 

On Sunday September 1st our Long Table wellness day is a practical hands on day where I teach you how to apply herbal first aid in your environment and where you learn why we do this practice and how to make it work optimally for your environment. 

This day is open to everyone. If you are a practitioner then we offer CPE points for your association and registrations. If you are a business, then learn how to implement this into your health and safety regimes. If you are a family, community group or interested in herbal first aid you will get the low down on how to do it and when! 

Bookings online now. 

Dads... Its your day... September 1st right.... If you want to bring Dad... your Dada, your family, someone you love who's a dad. Then they come for free. Yes you buy your ticket and Dad / father figures are free for the session. Dad is 100% free. So its a 100% discount for anyone who's a Dad when they are with you. Two for the price of one Bring a Dad! 

How to get Tickets 

https://medicineroom.com.au/collections/workshops-events/products/long-table-wellness-day-march-3rd-2019-womens-hormonal-health Buy your ticket online. Then make a comment at check out that you are bringing Dad/ father figure in your life, or your friend who is a Dad and pop their name in the notes section. 

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We are open from Tuesday to Saturday each week for herbal and naturopathic services. 

Come and learn about herbal first aid at our next LONG TABLE WELLNESS DAY. September 1st. Maleny. $70 per person. Includes Lunch. 

We have three more Long Table wellness days this year. Our next Long Table Wellness day is September 1st in Maleny. October 20th and December 1st.  We are open for bookings now. 


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You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

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