Herbal First Aid Masterclass early bird ends tonight

Hello and how are you? 

After presenting my work on herbal first aid in one day workshops, conferences and events. We are now offering this as a four weeks  online course. 

The course starts on July 4th and the early bird of $100 discount ends tonight. 

We are closing off the early bird tis evening and offer you the opportunity to join us for $195 instead of $295 fir the course. 

Each time i run one of these courses we get a lot of people buying the course after the early bird ends paying the full price for the course. I really like offering you excellent value and so the course is now on its last day of early bird. 

Here are the details 

Herbal first aid early bird last day of $100 discount. 

Whether you are at home wanting to help your family or a wellness practitioner wanting to help your community. This course will offer practical and doable first aid solutions to help your wellness. Includes student kit for recipes and making remedies.