Herbal first aid for Bush fire heros

You are all amazing heros, the people on the ground right now fighting all the bush fires that are persistently exhausting our bush fire crews and community.  The devastation is increasing with each passing day and the toll to our native landscapes, animals and communities is so scary and sad. 

A call came out this morning on social media for helpers.. They are still in need of people in full covered cotton clothing and tools, water, food, and people to help put out the constant windy sparks of new spot fires that are making this such a dangerous situation. 

This morning we got together a herbal first aid kit for our local community fire crews at Antaras place. There have been spot fires sparking up right near the house tis morning and these guys have been nine days on the ground trying to save much loved land near Maleny. This is just one story of one community. However its our medicine room home community and our friends on the ground.

Our lovely friend Leigh, who is a vet has taken the herbal first aid kit out there now and will be the person who is looking after everyone with herbs and first aid. 

I want to share with you whats in the herbal first aid kit for fire fighting today. 

1. Herbal stress ease herbs for internal use to help support emotional body and nervous system of everyone. Taken at 7.5ml with equal parts water every six hours. 

2. herbal adrenal recovery hers to be taken at 7.5ml with water at end of a shift or every eight hours if continuous working. To support and help energise, stabalise and support adrenal body and energy. 

3. Hypericum ( st johns wort ) extract. To be taken internally at 7.5ml with water in emotionally weakened people and to support nervous system. It is also diluted at 50% herb to 50% water and dabbed on hot burnt skin. If someone has minor burns or super dry stressed by fire skin we sit them down and they dab on skin with wet clothe for half an hour or so to help relieve burning and cool skin  Hypericum is also excellent for nerve pain relief and pain in spine , knees, shoulders etc. Apply topically. 

4.herbal cool spray, as spritz and to cool burnt skin. Its a lovely spray also with lavender offering emotional support Apply regurally

5. Calendula and comfrey herbal extractions. To be sed as compress on blisters, skin that has small wounds. We use make up remover pads and medical tape to compress wounds and this creates a big buffered band aid and helps heal, seal and stop infections. 

6. Arnica herbal extraction.For bruises, sprains, inflammation . pain relief. Compressions and used with cotton padding and medical tape. 

7. Calendula herbal skin nectar, for rashes, injuries, hot skin, redness. 

8. Arnica herbal skin nectar for bruises, pain, sore muscles,  pain relief and injuries,

9. medical tape, cotton swabs, scizzors, shot cups and a box to keep it all happy and contained. Instructions for use of first aid kit taped across the front so its very clear how to use the herbal first aid kit. 

If you have access to herbs this is how you use them in herbal first aid for this situation.  We are here if you need to get some from us.  We donated this kit to our local community and its awesome relief on the ground.  We don't have the resources to donate them everywhere , but if you need them we have them at very good prices.  

Much love and thank you our fire heros. 

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