Healthy Solutions are often intuitive

Do you ever crave a certain food? Does your body ask for tastes? experiences? This is intuitive and its often a natural instinct from your body asking for some nourishment. 

Sometimes in the silence of our own minds, we think about something we need to do, eat, not do, not eat and we understand the changes we need to make for better wellness. But, how often do you act on them? 

Are these ideas a passing thought? or are they an active and healing solution for you? 

Here is a pic of echinacea. Sometimes I just crave certain herbs and when I take them I feel much better. There is a certain satisfaction and feeling of wellness when we follow our mind and do what we think we should do.... thats intuitive thinking and one of the best ways to stay healthy. 

An example is you wake up in the middle of the night and tell yourself to fast on water the next day. Then you wake up and have your regular breakfast, lunch and dinner, only to come down with a flu, cold the next day. Was your body intuitively warning you of a pending illness? imbalance? and did you ignore it and become sick? 

Often when we listen to ourselves and our own thoughts on how we need to eat, act, exercise, relax, operate and drive our lives then we are more empowered and we are able to create the wellness we need in order to be happier and healthier. 

So, when your intuition comes knocking on the door of your mind and advises you to be healthier, to make some choices that may be a little uncomfortable today that will generate better health for tomorrow. Please listen. Please listen to you! 

Your body will say thank you for your intuitive healthy choices.  

Intuitive healthy choices include the following

1. When you think a healthy plan out in your mind

2. When you crave a nourishing food 

3. When you desire certain exercises, walks, activities that are positive and good for you

4. When you keep thinking about dropping a bad habit that is not serving you anymore

5. When you keep getting that little feeling in your mind that certain actions need to either stop or be increased. 

6. When you know within yourself that you need to take steps to get help and support about an issue in your life. 

These are some ways your intuition can guide you in being more healthy. Its good to act on them and make it happen for yourself. 

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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

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