Green inside.... clean inside! its the way to wellness!

Being lovers of herbal medicines its easy for us to talk about herbs and why they work as authentic and real medicines. Its because in the whole time I have been working with herbs, they have been working with me! 

How so? herbs are food as medicine in the most simple and delicious way! Think of all the flavours you add to meals. Here are some herbs that traditionally are used as garnishes and in small amounts. However we love the idea of using these favourites as a main part of your meal and moving them up in the ranks of nourishing deliciousness! 

Theres an old naturopathic saying... " green inside, clean inside" Don't worry.. eating loads of green foods won't make you green on the outside! Picture from The musical Wicked when I was in London last month. 

Green inside is loads of oxygenation and circulation in your whole body...Its nourishment and making sure that your body is working optimally!  

Here are two  seasonal favourites you probably use daily!

Parsley.. super rich in iron and chlorophyll. Its a liver and blood cleanser and one of the best herbs for your kidneys!  Parsley contains vitamin C and the B group vitamins. Its also full of rich antioxidants and has antibacterial properties.  So, instead of a sprinkle on your meal, make it a bigger part of Dinner tonight. Dice parsley and stir through most cooked meals and salads! Mix it with some other raw salad ingredients and make it the main feature of your salad instead of lettuce or other greens. The key to using more parsley is to dice it very finely so that it becomes softer and easier to digest. 

Basil...This is one herb that packs flavour into your meals and also is very healthy. Its great to relieve stress and emotional disturbances. It helps strengthen your body and fights off common coughs, colds and flus. Basil is really aromatic and aids in digestion... One great way to have basil is to make some pesto.... Simply blend the basil in your bullet or blender with some olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, pine nuts and nutritional yeast for a vegan treat that is nourishing and delicious. Basil is great in salads too, take a big handful and dice to size.  Now, add in some fresh seasonal tomatoes, sliced onion, a clove of garlic, some feta cheese and a splash of your favourite salad dressing.  This is a yummy salad. You can also sprinkle basil over most vegetables if you love its flavour and health giving benefits!  

What other herbs can you use to have delicious and nourishing meals? My book The Magic of food as medicine is available as an ebook on my web site. Its full of herbs , fruits, vegetables and recipes for food as medicine... My favourite kind of medicine.!

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You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

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