Gratefulness…. are you feeling it!

Gratefulness…. are you feeling it!

” We show our appreciation in so many ways, the longer we practice the art of appreciation, the more respect we show ourselves and the world around us. To be truly grateful in any moment is our greatest gift to self and others. To express that gratefulness encourages the feeling to expand and grow and become more common, until our whole day, in every moment lives in recognition of this feeling, wanting  this feeling and mindset more and more, this highest expression of love that experiences each moment in a deeper presence, until we are bursting with so much to be grateful for! “


I have been spending a lot of time in the last few months reflecting on gratefulness. What is it to me and how can I experience more of it?  is gratefulness something that we can mentally decide to do, and voila, magically it happens because we decided it would? Can we conjurer up this magical elixir of gratefulness at whim? and can we just feel it on call?  And what about the experiences that lead us to gratefulness? Are they synchronicity? Are they intended? Are they random? Or are they carefully selected in our mind? maybe the mind is secondary and gratefulness starts in the heart? Maybe we have no control over what or whom we become grateful to ? Perhaps gratefulness finds us and we have no say in the matter? We are either grateful or we are not?  how does that happen? quote-Dalai-Lama-when-you-practice-gratefulness-there-is-a-125552








Heres the definition in the Dictionary






warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful: I am grateful to you for yourhelp.


expressing or actuated by gratitude: a grateful letter.


pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing: a grateful breeze.
Origin:  1545–55;  obsolete grate  pleasing (< Latin grātus ) + -ful
1. obliged, indebted. Grateful, thankful describe an appreciative attitude for what one has received.Grateful indicates a warm or deep appreciation of personal kindness as shown to one: grateful for favors;grateful to one’s neighbors for help in time of trouble. Thankful indicates a disposition to express gratitude bygiving thanks, as to a benefactor or to a merciful Providence; there is often a sense of deliverance aswell as of appreciation: thankful that one’s life was spared in an accident; thankful for the comfort of one’s generalsituation. 3. pleasant, gratifying, satisfying.
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2014.

Do you notice how some people are just constantly grateful and appreciative of the small things in life? How they just seem to shine with a happiness and a kindness that goes hand in hand with gratefulness? Then there are others who are not so happy, they are not so satisfied and they find the wrongness, or the blame or the inadequacy of situations? The glass is either half full or half empty is a saying we get in our society so much. So with gratefulness, I guess these are also the positive people who have the half full glass. Or are they? Don’t we just know that unless you have experienced pain, then you can not experience high levels of joy, and that when it rains it pours, when the sun comes out is is so sunny and we love the sun. We appreciate the sunshine, then after so much sunshine that it becomes drought, it rains, and don’t we love the rain? I truly think that I have been reflecting on gratefulness so much because it is the most powerful love energy of inner peace and truth that I feel. Its the accumulation of so many other peaceful and it has no boundaries. It just expands until our heart almost bursts open and we can not even visulise anything but this moment where we are sitting totally in the present sending grateful vibrations across the planet. And we feel so full. So full of….. well…. Gratefulness.







Here are my top tips for you to generate gratefulness in your life


1. Learn to love yourself and be aware of your words, actions and thoughts. Make time to love yourself by nurturing your mind, body and soul with a life that you want to live. Follow your truth and if that means letting go and releasing what no longer serves you, then do it. Because you need to be totally true to yourself in your best way before you are going to be good for anyone else.


2. When you become critical or judgemental of someone else, then take a little rest, have a breathe and analyse yourself. What is going on? That person is really a mirror of something that isn’t working in my life. What is it? How an I viewing this situation? Where is my compassion? where is my kindness? If you can’t find it, then you will see that you need to work on your own mind and change your view on the situation. Once again, its the release. Release the negativity, release the automatic critical thinking. Its about reprogramming the way you view things. And letting go of old stories that have probably played on auto pilot for years. Observe your auto pilot….. where does that need to alter? Self observation is an interesting occupation. Make use of it!


3. When you feel that initial tingle of gratefulness and appreciation come into your heart, expand it. Feed it, nurture and welcome it into your life. Do this by allowing yourself to feel it, not block gratefulness, not block appreciation. And express it. Say Thank you, say you are grateful , write about it, sing about it, just express it. And express it to the level where you feel it. At first you may be only mild in your expression of gratefulness, however as time goes on and you develop strong feelings of gratitude at particular times, then you will be really expressing them. It is showing your feelings, it is showing your love, it is your gratefulness. Express it to yourself, express it to others whom you are grateful. Make it a daily task to express gratefulness to someone. In fact express gratefulness to everyone when you are grateful.


4. I have learnt that we can’t be too grateful! Yes, there is no limit on gratefulness, and the more we express it, the more we show it, the more we are grateful. Then its like an amazing bubble of love and we just feel more and more and more. There are some relationships that you just keep getting more grateful for, there are some people you just are so grateful for in your life, and its your responsibility to yourself and your development of joy within to express that. Yes, all the time. Express your joy of gratefulness.


5. When you recognise gratefulness in others, celebrate that with them. Say yes to them and share their gratefulness. These can be such moving times emotionally for us all as we cry, laugh, share stories and write to each other sharing this commonality that binds our hearts and our energies in the pat of gratefulness. Lift others up with your kindness and gratefulness! Be uplifting, be uplifted. Feed that all the time, everyday, with everyone.


6. Keep going with your gratefulness. Look for situations where you can be grateful, Turn around moments and situations that are not so positive and make them positive , so that you can be grateful, and then be grateful that you saved the day, for yourself and others. Be as grateful for as much as you can in every moment in life.


7. Be present in the moment, and then you can experience that energy of appreciation and gratefulness and you don’t miss the opportunity to be here and now in this time , space and dimension. Remember that this moment will never pass your way again. Now  is now, and isn;t that enough to be grateful for. This is the moment, you are the moment, you are this gift of the present time!


8. Gratefulness loves company. Spend your time with others who are grateful in their nature, people who have made the effort to turn the hard days around to make them good days, people who are able to stay in the moment and experience life with gratefulness. THis is the best way, as gratefulness loves company. Then we can tell each other how wonderful we all are and celebrate life in its unique and multi textured landscape with love , appreciation and gratefulness. And, make sur eyou tell them how grateful you are, don’t hold back. Share the love, and keep sharing the love. Share gratefulness and it can become infectious. Imagine that , everyone grateful, everyone, yes everyone…. What a wonderful world that would be! Is…. just nurture your gratitude and see where it takes your heart.. You will still have some days that are challenging, but hey.. lets be grateful for those too, otherwise we would miss such beauty on the other days!


9. When we are grateful, and when we develop that feeling and that way of existing, then we can develop strong heart connections with others who are grateful to us too. And, this happens in every area of of life. Love is unlimited and gratefulness is the key to that in many ways. Here is an amazing video clip about heart connections that I would love you to watch. Heart Connections Video clip to watch, its awesome.

10. be grateful when you eat, when you sleep, when you walk, when you talk, when you do your yoga, when you drive your car, when you talk to others, when you work, when you play, when you love, when you feel, nurture this feeling and let your heart burst from your body and let it just keep expanding to fill everything, in the world, in the universe. in the existence of love! Be boundless and express it! always be true to yourself and others and express grateful feelings. 


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