Golden Milk Recipe plus popular Pain and inflammation care workshop coming up Nov 2016

Pain and Inflammation Workshop November 13th 2016


Hello and welcome to our latest newsletter blog… I am very excited to offer you a small workshop in Maleny on Sunday November 13th on pain and inflammation care. This will be a private event so please book online if you would like to join. I have published my awesome Golden milk recipe here  on this blog as its so popular and every year we see Golden milk more and more in Cafes and available at events.. I hope you love my recipe..

Blessings to you and I hope you are well. We just enjoyed the YogaFest event on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend and it was lovely to catch up with so many lovely people. I taught Kundalini yoga there on the Sunday and the medicineroom stall was operating our free clinics across the weekend. Our next public event will be The Woodford Folk Festival from December 27th till January 1st. We would love to see you there for our free clinics and this year we are offering our delicious herbal elixir bar with  Herbal Chai, Chilli cacao, herbal teas, coconut spritz and lemon ginger drinks… Come and say hello. We will be located near the Blue Lotus Venue.

In the meantime come and see us weekly at Eumundi Markets or make a booking for your private consultation in my clinic at Maleny. We are open weekly from Tuesday to Saturday and have appointments available face to face and on skype for Tuesday, Weds and Friday afternoons and evenings…

Golden Milk

What are you doing on Sunday November 13th 2016? Would you like to join us for a dynamic, practical and healing workshop in Maleny with Dom on pain and inflammation care? 10am till 2pm. Book now… 

We are holding our Pain and Inflammation workshop in Maleny on Sunday November 13th. This small group session with me involves education and practical applications for pain and inflammation relief from my extensive tool box of wellness tools.

The day starts at 10am with some Golden milk and a Kundalini Yoga  and therapy session on pain and inflammation relief strategies.

This is followed by a workshop on wellness foods, medicines and techniques you can apply daily to help you reduce risk factors and develop your wellness.

We make some great foods that are easy to incorporate in your diet, have lunch and then we summarise the session and you take away a whole lot of my knowledge on how to help yourself. We finish at 2pm.

Better than any therapy session this workshop will give you the practical ” How too” information t make your life more comfortable with pain and inflammation care.

Please book online here 

Tickets here $130 for one ticket $120 per person if you want more than one booking

Here is my recipe for Golden milk for you to enjoy 

We will have this delicious drink ready to welcome you to our workshop… Its so good and its just the start of the amazing information we will share with you at this workshop.

This is the drink for bones and joints. Golden Milk is perfect for anyone who has pain, arthritis, joint pain and for those who do a lot of exercise. Its perfect for yoga, sports people and make  this drink for Pregnant ladies, elderly  people who have pain and children  going through growth spurts, This a beautiful recovery drink when you have a low appetite and need some good bone food. Also Just to add another benefit of Golden Milk, it is perfect on hot summer days, and cold winter days when there is either joint pain, inflammation or a feeling of too much fluid in the body.  This is  Magical Food as Medicine.

Almonds are very high in calcium and using Almond milk in this recipe is certainly the fastest way to good bone nutrition. You can use other milks such as  fresh organic cows milk which had a very creamy and rich texture. You can GMO free Soy, Rice, Oat or Goats milk depending on your local tastes and preferences.

 So  much goodness for your body with Turmeric and Ginger These are both evidence based as anti inflamatory herbs, arthritis relief,  they also help with cholesterol levels reducing Low density lipo proteins ( fast)  in the blood. Turmeric also works to remove excess estrogen from the body and is known as a liver herb,  tumor marker and cancer preventative antioxidant. Ginger is a circulation stimulant, liver herb, anti arthritis herb and also really helps with cholesterol levels and cardiovascular protection through the circulatory system.   I understand that the traditional recipe contains only turmeric. However I added Ginger and love that Ginger twist to the drink. You can add other herbs too if you want to add in some extra qualities. However remember this is Golden Milk, so keep the herbs golden. Ideas include Calendula Flowers, Golden Seal root and Chamomile flowers. Honey is full of nutrients and is our preferred flavour for all sweet drinks. In my book The Magic of Food as Medicine we show you the latest clinical trials, evidence base and information about all of the  herbal ingredients in this recipe

Golden Milk is a recipe for everyone. Its made with fresh Turmeric root and works well for you when you want a natural and nutritious anti inflammatory drink.  I have added some ginger root into this recipe. But, do as you want. We also added almond milk to this recipe, However you can use cows, rice, oat or goats as you prefer.  You can also use dried root instead of fresh. I always use 1/3  dry to what I would use fresh in weight. So, you will need to experiment with quantities yourself and add more or less of any of the herbs, salt and honey to your taste. Remember the stronger it is with the herbs the more medicinal it becomes.


This recipe makes about 1.2 litres and you can drink it warm. or pop in fridge for a cool summer treat.

What you need

2 big knobs of Turmeric root

Ginger root. to taste

1 pinch sea salt

1 big blob honey ( to taste)

1 litre Almond milk

400ml water

How to make it 

1. Cut the turmeric and ginger into small pieces

2. Add the turmeric root, ginger, salt, water and honey into a sauce pan and pop on the stove top and bring to the boil. Let it reduce the liquid by half so that you end up with 200ml of very yellow herby liquid.

3. Now, Pour in the almond milk and stir well. Let it get really hot, but not boil. Then strain the liquid away from the herbs then serve.



I hope you enjoyed my blog and my  version of Golden Milk.

Sat Nam and With Love  as Always Dominique LIvkamal  You can visit our online shop for herbal body products and my books. If you want to discuss herbal medicines please contact me or call us between Tuesday and Saturday any week.

0409765033 is our phone number in Australia.