Get creative.... Miso soup recipe for nourishing detox meals.

Hello and I trust you are having a lovely refreshing week. That Spring equinox came through and lifted our energies, released some winter stagnancy and has opened the doors again for spring time freshness. Its been an interesting time as we begin to lift the heaviness in our mind, body and spirit from wintertime.... 

GET CREATIVE and make your dreams into reality

Plant some seeds, get some ideas going... open up to the newness that this season brings.... Thats on all levels.. Yes, the cliches like cleaning out your wardrobe and doing a home spring clean are so applicable. After all, when things are tidy and orderly in our environment we are free to open up and take on some new projects and let those creative ideas flow into manifestation, one step at the time. 

 My wood element , spring time message to you this week is this... Just get on with that. don't wait for too much inspiration. Or don't wait till you feel or think the inspiration is strong. That only happens with the momentum of the project.  So, I encourage and inspire you to start your projects and creative ideas now. Plant that first seed. Get it going and then make a solid commitment to follow through. Thats where the beauty lies. As you do the idea. It grows. Then the magic happens, you become your ideas, you are the project, you are the conduit of your own reality.. 

Now, thats success. 

Dom's Miso soup recipe for the spring detox day in Maleny 

I promised to put this recipe up in my next blog. It was the one we had for lunch at our Long Table Wellness Day for Spring detox planning. Super delish and nourishing. Its full of prebiotics.  Betacarotene is very cleansing for all cells and is the livers best friend to detox poisons from your body. Silica is the best blood cleanser and removes foreign objects from your body. And, the actives in garlic are profoundly cleansing, strengthening and boosting. 

This soup can be used as a mono diet ( single food diet) for one to seven days unsupervised for anyone who wants to detox and boost their fire in the belly and digestion. Mono diets and detoxing can be done freely by you when you are not on any medications, are drug and addiction free and want to cleanse. Happy to guide you through your process. This is just one option and a good one for nourishment and nutritional balance. 


What you need.

1 kg of carrots 

1 kg brown onions 

1 bulb garlic 

2 full lemons 

250 grams miso paste ( we used brown rice miso) 

30 grams golden zing ( turmeric, black pepper and ginger) blend 

2 litres boiling water 

50ml coconut oil 

50ml olive oil 

How to make soup

!. Put the oils into a large saucepan and add peeled and sliced garlic and onion, plus golden zing mix. Stir and cook until the onion is softened. 

2. Add in the carrots peeled and cut into bite size pieces. 

3. Stir through the miso paste and and make sure the whole mixture is even and mixed well. 

4. Squeeze in the lemon juice from two lemons and cut up the peel and add it to the soup mix. 

5. Allow all of this to simmer gently for about 20 minutes. 

6. Pour 2 litres of boiling hot water over the whole mixture and allow to simmer. If the 2 litres of water is not enough to cover all of the mixture then add some more until you have the whole mixture covered with 3 cm of liquid over the vegetables. 

7. Simmer for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Let it thicken and reduce. Then enjoy. 

Use this soup as your mono food for one day to three days. Make more soup as required. It keeps well in the fridge for five days. Enjoy. 

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Love and light Dominique Livkamal


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