Ganoderma lucidium REISHI MUSHROOM Boost today!

Today in the herbal dispensary we have been extracting Ganoderma Lucidium. Aka  Reishi Mushroom.  

We love Reishi mushroom and traditionally it has been used to boost energy and make your body really strong. 

Theres a lot of research into Ganoderma and thats why its our favourite. 


Studies show that Reishi mushroom can help inhibit the production of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. These have been shown to contribute to the onset and progression of Rheumatoid arthritis. The specific polysaccharide peptide  found in Reishi mushroom acts to stop this happening in your body. 

I love this study and it brings me to the question .... Is this possible with other auto immune conditions too?  If so, then if you have any epigenetic family conditions that result in an autoimmune disease. Then add some Reishi to your regime.  Try it and be your own research. This one is worth the effort I'm sure. 


This mushroom has loads of names and depending on where you go in the world..  remember these names and you might see them on baskets  of dried markets and shops..  Why would you call a mushroom "10,000 years mushroom" if it wasn't awesome?  It gets better " Immortality mushroom" and then we have "Reishi" and the traditional " Lingzhi". What about "yeongii" or "Mannamtake" . It doesn't end there.... its also called. " Antlered reishi" and " Rokkaku Reishi" a global fungus indeed!


 Research has shown that the reishi mushroom helped  decrease  expression of  specific proteins "cyclin B and Cdc2"  that help cancer cells  expand and flourish in the body.  Reishi was also shown to increase the expression of a protein "p21" that suppresses growth of cancer cells. In addition, Ganoderma encouraged death of prostate cancer cells.  The spores were also shown to decrease fatigue in some types of cancer patients. 


Other research shows that Reishi protects and repairs the liver.. It decreases nitric oxide production in the liver and reduces inflammation. We all know how many functions the liver has to flush, filter, manufactures our new cells and protects us with so many functions.  My suggestion is that it could help with fatty liver, viruses in the liver and help with general liver health. 


The T cell production of immune cells is increased with Reishi mushroom intake according to other studies. It is also suggested traditionally that if you take reishi mushroom for 1000 days then your entire immunity will be very strong and you will be very healthy.  Immuno modulatory herbs mean that they balance and help regulate and modulate your body's immunity. Its something we all want. Strong healthy bodies so we can live life to the fullest. 

Other traditional uses are to help you sleep, increase daily energy, boost your body in all ways and to live a long and healthy life... 

Hope you enjoy this blog. I have been  enjoying  Ganoderma lucidium all of this winter, taking it in my daily blends and just loving the increased health benefits. Its one of those mushrooms you can eat in your meals, drink in your coffee, add a shot of the aqua ethanol extract to your hot toddies and spritzers. Enjoy.... and be well. 

This is our Ganoderma today after we extracted the actives from it in our herbal dispensary. 

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