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 Hello and happy Friday! I want to share with you this epic oil we made and offer you this gift as a free giveaway this week! 

Yes we are giving you a free 15ml purifying essential oil as a Happy Valentines gift from us! Open for all orders till Tuesday Feb  9th over $100. 


Wow, It has taken me ages to formulate and create a really good essential oil blend that I love! Sourcing the right oils, Australian Orange, Tea tree and  

eucalyptus with Sri Lankan Cinnamon and Indian sacred tulsi basil. Its aromatic, pungent with the aromas of all these combined making a truely unique and beautiful blend. 

It all started when I was doing my research on face masks, in my case it is neck scarves lifted around my face when needed, because I think about time in Delhi India which is heavily polluted and when we travelled through the streets we needed our scarves lifted ( like a face mask) I always used essential oils and my herbal perfumes on my scarf. This made it smell awesome at my end, and it also acted in an aromatherapeutic way to help reduce the pathogens entering my scarf, keeping me protected. 

Lots of my friends love thieves oil style blends, they use it to purify the room, add it to baths, add it to oil bases for perfumes and have small drops in drinks and with honey to purify the throat and help with body cleansing. So, I personally questioned why we didn't have a more Australian version? Then I made one. 

Yes this is my eclectic, east meets Australia Purifying essential oil blend and I'm ready to launch it properly to you. To celebrate this we are giving one away with every order over $100 on our web site this week, and also when you  order your herbal prescriptions. Starting today Thursday the 4th Feb until next Thursday the 11th Feb.  Simply spend $100 or more and get your free gift! Its automatic on the web site and we will add it to your herbal parcel! 

This oil is now available to our stockists too. So please ask at our shops and they can stock it for you! 

Use promo code FREEOIL when you purchase $100 or more from our online shop this week. 

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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

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