We miss seeing you all! 

Moving with the times.... We decided that physical distancing was necessary, and social connection is what we want! So from this coming Weds we are opening up availability to come for our free community clinics in Maleny. Yes and we can say hello! 

Yes its been a  few months now and we decided to try a new model of free clinic at our herbal dispensary in Maleny. We welcome you to come and see us here with specific physical distancing in place for COVID safety! 

Traditionally we have always had free consultations with you. All our market consults have been free since 2004. The pop ups in festivals are always free for you and now we are taking the model of free community clinics to the next level and welcoming you to our dispensary in beautiful Maleny. Located on The Sunshine Coast in QLD we are right in the centre of town and are fast tracking this new option for you now! 

As the times are changing we decided to open up the Maleny Herbal Dispensary to patients who want to meet face to face for a free 25 minute clinic each Wednesday only  from 10am till 3pm.  You can book online here.  We are trying this out for the month of May. So please come and see us. 

We also offer free 25  minute online consultations with Telehealth for those who can't travel to Maleny. . You can book these here too. We ask you book telehealth consults on every other day but Weds please! Leave these slots for the Maleny visitors. For your Zoom consult we will take up to two people on each one. Make sure you click Book Online Consultation as this automatically sets up our face to face consult and all you need to do is be there at your computer at the time of our consult and log into the link!  

Wednesday Free clinic in Maleny now open in May as trail for you to come and pick up your prescriptions and herbal body products. Market discounts and best prices apply here with weekly specials.  

Please make sure you feel well and don't have any cough, cold , flu or fever symptoms so that we can all be safe. 

If you want to come to Maleny clinic for a free appointment , this is what you need to do:

1. make your Weds only booking online. ( Other appointment slots are for online free clinics only) These appointments are specifically for our patients who want to discuss your herbal program and refine your herbal prescriptions. 

2. Arrive on time and use other bathroom facilities before you arrive as we are not opening the dispensary or bathroom access for the day. ( Due to COVID safety) 

If you want to pick up in Maleny and purchase body products, hand sanitiser refills or herbal tea supplies on a Weds then we welcome you to come and try our beautiful products and pick up your herbal medicine prescriptions. . 

1. Call us 040976503 or email us and talk with us about what you need to pick up. 

2. Come to the clinic  between 10am and 3pm on Weds to pick up your supplies. We will discuss with you a good time to fit in with appointments. ( you are welcome to make an appointment too) 

3. Practice responsible physical distancing and use bathroom facilities elsewhere as we will not be opening up the dispensary access or bathrooms for the day. 

How to connect with us Open Tuesday to Saturday. 9am to 5pm. 


phone us +61 409 765033 between 9am and 5pm Tuesday to Saturday 

email us  (anytime)  

Contact us directly for your herbal medicine repeats and new formulations in our free community clinic vis phone or email. 


If you  are a customer of Fresh Box deliveries and we will arrange to have the herbs sent out with your order from Fresh box. So thats another way we can get you your herbs freight free. We are offsetting this freight for you too by paying them to deliver to you.! So a huge thank you to Freshbox for coming onboard with us. 


am thrilled that I was able to make something super practical for you that is currently in need. Herbal hand sanitiser.  

Herbal hand sanitiser available now. 50ml blue glass with black spray available now 

Use on dry skin to cleanse and nourish. Fast drying, apply up to 5 times a day for herbal protection. 

Made with organic herbs.

Moisturising and protecting. 

Plant based

Great for sensitive skin.

Gentle on skin.

Herbal aqua ethanol and distilled ethanol vinegar, glycerine of Elderberry & Papaya. Essential oils of Lime & Grapefruit.  Very small amount needed for protection and cleansing. 

Available in beautiful  50ml blue glass with black spray 

This is a healthy, herbal, organic hand sanitiser  with 60% alcohol. 

Hand made in our herbal dispensary for you.

Contains the herbs  elderberry and papaya 

Essential oils of lime and grapefruit your skin will be fresh, hydrated and feeling clean. 

Order now and give your hands kindness and love whilst you are cleansing and purifying them.

This is no ordinary hand sanitiser, 

Here are the latest statistics where you can see live statistics globally. I am consistently shocked at how the numbers just jump overnight. And I am also impressed with the responsibility we are all taking to curb the growth rates of this epidemic and potential threat to our wellness. 

Let us help you when you are busy, conscious of your health and wanting simple doable solutions. We can have you feeling well and vibrant with our consultations, conversations, herbal medicines and practical daily dietary solutions that are organic, natural and great value. 


You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

Have a great day and take care 

phone us  +61 409765033

Our facebook pages are Dominique Livkamal and Medicineroom

On instagram we are medicine_room 

With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

MHlth public health/health promotion Bch Hlth Sc/ Complementary medicine ND, Nutritionist, herbalist . Adv Dip Nat. Dip Journ. Kundalini yoga teacher, Zen Thai Shiatsu, student of life and wellness advocate. Founder Medicineroom. High vibes on the mountain, herbal first aid services and programmer for Woodford Folk Festival…. always working with love, gratefulness, light and through the divine grace!