Womens online medicine making and recipes

Hello Lovelies, I know you have been looking at our course and gauging by the number of enquiries we have had I know there are some of you who want to sign up and join us now! 

This is the last week to book your place in our four week online, personal training with me on Womens wellness. 

The topics we are covering are 1. Hormones. 2 Cardiovascular disease 3 autoimmune conditions and 4. Emotional support. 

Each week we will be making medicine and also cooking a recipe on these topics. 

We have a facebook live classroom on Tuesday evening at 7pm QLD time and it is recorded so that you don't miss out if you can't be there with me. 

We have a medicine and a cooking assignment each week and we all post our recipes in the group so that you get even more ideas and recipes!

This is the forth online course I have run and each time we go deeply into a topic that will help you develop your medicine chest at home, empower you to understand your health and also help you stay well and prevent risk factors for major illness. 

This is the student kit. Enrolments open now! We will post your student kit so that you have it for the start of the course. 

Love Dom xox