Eat Light and Nutritious this Summer plus recipe for Fresh Cheese salad with Avo and Orange!

Eat Light and Nutritious this Summer with The Magic of Food as Medicine

Eat light and nutritious this Summer with The Magic of Food as Medicine to guide you with health information and great recipes. Yes thats a simple strategy for wellness and energy as the weather gets hotter and we enter the festive season. IMG_2593




Here is a yummy salad recipe for nutrition and lightness. 

Fresh Cheese Salad with Avocado and Orange. 

We sliced avocado, tomato, onion and orange. Then topped with crumbled fresh goats cheese and sprinkled with a squeeze of fresh orange juice. Then we upcycled the whole salad nutritionally with grated dried coconut meat, almonds, dried cranberry, toasted quinoa and chia seeds. Simple and yummy.


The Magic of Food as Medicine Book is divided into three sections for you. Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs. We have gone into over 200 fruits, vegetables and herbs and found the empirical and evidence based information as to why they are medicines. It took over three years to compose and contains lots of great recipes to help you use these ingredients.

EBOOK now available.



I have always loved cooking and before I studied herbal medicine and naturopathy I spent many years in Restaurants and Cafes cooking and looking after people with great food. Its a passion and because my family are French Australian we get to have the best of all worlds. French food is so flavoursome and utilises timeless techniques in cooking, such as sauce making, pan techniques and oven techniques. Australian food is so innovative and culturally blended. It is so fresh. The climate here allows for so many long summer season produce to be used year round and that is such a pleasure when it comes to cooking.

In our work both in the herbal dispensary and in the kitchen. Its so important to love what you are doing and to have a mental sense of the end product before it is even made. We just love inventing, and formulating and creating beautiful products for you to use. My books are full of ideas and techniques. You can also buy our herbal honey syrups and herbal medicines that have all been developed and made by us.  Plus now we have over 20 beautiful skin care and medicinal body products that are aromatherapeutic and also purely gorgeous to put on your skin.IMG_2575

There are seven new ones we created and have finished for the summer season 2014/15/


Please make time to visit our wellness shop and see if you like any of them for yourself or loved ones as gifts. We are a small herbal dispensary and make to order, we have time to post to you now before the festive season. Last mail is on the 22nd December and then we post again on January 9th.

Our products are all hand made with love and organic local products.



You can make appointments for the Maleny Clinic through December and January if you are visiting the area. $50 one hour with Dom or $40 concession and children. Call us 0409765033. We have limited spaces available.  

With love as always Dom xoxo

Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

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domredprofileBlessings for Summer. I am open to the warmth and joy of summertime. Our fullness of heart, mind and body are expressed through gentle kindness, creativity and love. We share our inner wealth and wisdoms with each other in this festive celebration of life and all that is good. Summertime where we share our Love, Joy and Peace.  

Have a beautiful day my friends and I look forward to connecting with you at The Medicineroom

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