Easter Hemp and chocolate gift box available now!

Here is our Easter 2022 Gift box. 

We decided to make you a chocolate mushroom experience, so you could make some adaptogen cuppa's to drink.

 The medicinal mushrooms are all popular now with many health benefits including immune boosting, memory enhancement and energy ! So, its easter, Think hot chocolate, chilli mushroom blend with lions mane, ganoderma, cordyceps, chaga all mixed together in one delicious energising and warming treat! value $35.00

This is a exclusive blend made for this easter box and not available elsewhere. ( except when you come to our open day on April 10th and we give you a cup of this delish blend) 

To  celebrate Easter we added 

1 x 100ml organic hemp and ginger herbal skin nectar value $37.90 

1 x 60gram Organic hemp and ginger herbal skin balm value $25.90 

1 x 100ml organic hemp and peace herbal massage, skin and body oil value $37.90

1 x 50ml peace citrus herbal perfume value $34.90 

Value $171.60 

For $100.00 ( We have a offering of $100 seasonal gift boxes that we make for special occasions when we have the stock of products and time to make them up for you) 

Packed in our medicine room eco brown box and eco paper. 

Open now. Limited numbers. 

Postage is free in Australia unless you want express post. Overseas customers will need to pay freight on this item. 

Love Dom and crew xoxo