Dom’s aged Garlic Recipe for winter wellness from our workshop on Sunday.

Dom’s aged Garlic Recipe for winter wellness from our workshop on Sunday.

We had so much fun on Sunday at Maleny. We had a wonderful long table wellness day and everyone enjoyed education and making potions for winter wellness at home. Thanks so much those who came and for those who couldn’t join us here is the recipe for aged garlic that we made.

This pic was taken at the workshop. Big Thanks to Andy my herbalist associate and student who came along and helped make your day super special. You will be seeing Andy working with us in festivals and at the markets. Say Hello to this wonderful young man and make him welcome as he is a gardener herbalist…. so he grows plants and can help you with plant information.

Aged Garlic is awesome because it gets better with time. Theres no need to spend money on garlic supplements when you can make it yourself and its better than anything you can get elsewhere. 

This  recipe packs a punch when it comes to winter wellness. There are loads of diversifications to make it even more therapeutic…. 

  1. Take the base of garlic extract and add any or all of the following for wintertime wellness.

Lemon juice, chilli, turmeric, ginger, onion juice, honey, sea salt, apple cider vinegar. Yes add a little. or a add a lot.

2. You can add my garlic extract to cooking instead of garlic cloves…. its powerful medicine and tastes divine….

3. To alleviate the ” garlic breathe” simply add some chlorophyl in the form of parsley, spirulina, green spinach etc to the same meal where you have the garlic and it counteracts the bad breath…. Lots of green and lots of garlic…

Dom’s aged Garlic Recipe. 

  1. Take 1 to 2 kg of local garlic bulbs from your garden or friendly market stall.

2. Clean the garlic well, break the bulbs up a little so that they are in pieces. Do not peel the garlic. You can cut off the roots.

3. (Now place your garlic in a bowl full of water with a little (30ml per litre) apple cider vinegar. You are not going to run the water through the blender.  You want the garlic wet so that it is easy on the blender as dry roots tend to kill juicers and blenders easily. So keeping the garlic bulbs wet and soft is good for the juicer)

4. Now juice the garlic

5. The juice is the magic and this is now going to be placed in a jar and put in the fridge .

6. Write a label with the date you made the garlic and what it is…. Then place a lid o the jar and pop in fridge. You can start using straight away. Make a big batch as you will love this one so much and it just gets better with time.  You can leave this in the fridge and keep toping up with fresh garlic juice… The older the batch the better. Its timeless…

Make some and send me the. pics… love this one so much.

Our next workshop is on July 29th in Maleny. We will be making Herbal medicines for skin care and wellness. This includes skin conditions and arthritis and pain relief.

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Have a great day

Love and light Dominique Livkamal

MHlth public health/health promotion Bch Hlth Sc/ Complimentary medicine ND, Nutritionist, herbalist . Adv Dip Nat. Dip Journ. Kundalini yoga teacher, Zen Thai Shiatsu, student of life and wellness advocate. Founder Medicineroom. High vibes on the mountain, herbal first aid services and programmer for Woodford Folk Festival…. always working with love, gratefulness, light and through the divine grace!