Dom Awarded from National Herbalist Association 2015

Dom Awarded from National Herbalist Association 2015

I am very excited to announce that I have been awarded a fellow from The National Herbalist Association of Australia 2015.

A Beautiful Award arrived in the mail today. Thankyou!!!!!

I have been awarded a Fellow of The National Herbalist Association of Australia. Last round of Awards I was awarded The Australian herbalist of The Year and now this wonderful achievement. After my award as herbalist of the year 2012/13 I was really honoured to received this next award this week. 


Here is the info and I am joining some of my mentors in this reward.
Fellowship of the National Herbalists Association of Australia is awarded by the Board of the NHAA to Full Members who have distinguished themselves within the profession of herbal medicine.


Any full member can be elevated to the status of a Fellow of the NHAA (FNHAA) after having been a full member for no less than ten years and having been in bona fide practice as a herbalist for no less than ten years, and having done meritorious work either in the profession of herbalism or within the Association and who in the opinion of the Board of Directors deserves such consideration.

Current fellows of the Association are:

Lindsay Shume                                                                               IMG_2616
Denis Stewart
Andrew Pengelly
Kerry Bone
Anne Cowper
Ruth Trickey
Ian Breakspear
Ses Salmond
Susan Dean
Sue Evans
John Baxter
Dominique Liv Kama



Our Schedule for April 

I had some minor surgery in March which  kept me away from the free clinics at Eumundi Markets for several weeks. I would like to appologise for my absence. However my students were there and did an incredible job. The plan for April is that I will be at every Saturday Market personally to formulate herbal belnds for you in our free clinics.

Our clinic in Maleny is also open by appointment. Did you know that you can claim on your private health care insurances ( depending o your plan) for all charged consultations and sessions with me, plus your herbal medicines. Please check with your health care fund and see if its applicable to you. THis makes coming to our Maleny clinic excellent value.


Celebrate life each moment when you feel Good 

Sometimes we need to remember that life is a beautiful experience that needs to be celebrated. The small moments when you feel happy, the days when you see good friends, the moments when you laugh, when you feel something real and powerful within.

We can choose happiness and we can choose to have the glass half full. We can choose to celebrate being here and now… We can choose to celebrate other poeples joy and bliss as though is is our own.. and we can choose to be grateful..

I am very very grateful today.. Its just the way it is….

I feel blessed…. and I wish this for you too…

These flowers are so gorgeous and they are a celebration!

Think joy…… so it shall become the feeling !


In our work both in the herbal dispensary  Its so important to love what you are doing and to have a mental sense of the end product before it is even made. We just love inventing, and formulating and creating beautiful products for you to use. My books are full of ideas and techniques. You can also buy our herbal honey syrups and herbal medicines that have all been developed and made by us.  Plus now we have over 20 beautiful skin care and medicinal body products that are aromatherapeutic and also purely gorgeous to put on your skin.


There are seven new ones we created and have finished for the summer season 2014/15/


Please make time to visit our wellness shop and see if you like any of them for yourself or loved ones as gifts. We are a small herbal dispensary and make to order,

Our products are all hand made with love and organic local products.



We are open every Tuesday to Saturday. Come and say hello at our free clinics at The Eumundi Markets in Feb. I will be at all Feb markets to personally formulate for you.  You can also make a booking in our Maleny Clinic to see me one on one. 


With love as always Dom xoxo

Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

Dominique Liv Kamal
Master Public Health ( Health Promotion)
Bachelor Health Science ( Complementary Medicine) ]
Naturopath, nutritionist, writer and Herbalist.
Phone 0409 765033
PO Box 298 Mapleton 4560 Queensland



Have a beautiful day my friends and I look forward to connecting with you at The Medicineroom