Detox Cholesterol and fatty acids with herbs

Cholesterol and Liver care with herbs_ Spring cleansing with Dom

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Before I start on the detox information I want to share with you that we will be at Sacred Earths Retreat in Ballina from the 16th till the 20th October. There are places still available and this retreat offers you the opportunity to relax, do yoga, chanting, have body work with Zen Thai shiatsu and we will be there are resident naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists to assist you with health care. We are also running our free herbal first aid service and will have a special offer on Body wraps!

Yes we are offering $50/ 1 hour herbal body wraps on this retreat. Full body exfoliation with oils and herbs, followed by herbal body wrap and then a facial! This is cooling, healing, cleansing, relaxing and the perfect addition to your detox week! You can get ticketing from Sacred earths web site, Look on facebook for the event and check it out on our facebook page medicineroom… follow the links, book in and join us! To book your body wraps please email us, or talk with us when we are there!

Radiance Retreat Feb 2015

Herbal Body wraps from medicineroom are just delish, healing and available at Sacred Earths Retreat October 16th till 20th NSW Australia. Perfect Spring detox treat! 

Thanks for the texts and emails about the last blogs, I’m always happy to answer your questions and help you as much as possible. The written blog is different to the video blog. I have made it so they work together. Please watch the video and read this info. Please like us on facebook, instagram and subscribe to our newsletters and you tube channel.

Its still really dry and hot here in south east Queensland any many of our patients have been coming down with the flu and feeling very allergic to wind, seeds, dust, pollen and dry conditions. Last week I mentioned the Upper respiratory and sinus herbs to decongest and help reduce allergenic responses. We have that here if you need some. Please talk with us! Remember to keep up the fluids. A really good rule to remember is that every time you have a wee(urinate) then drink 200ml to 400ml of water or herbal teas.

There are so many ways to detox and over the spring season I will be talking about juice cleansing, water fasts and foods that are really helpful. This week its all about cholesterol and fatty acid decongestion from the body. Keep up with stripping the body of mucous too, we talked about that last week and its not a quick process. It can take months! Just be slow and steady and gentle on your body! remember to drink lemon juice, carrot juice and lots of greens! Yes all the good greens. I’m not going to tell you every step of detoxing in my blogs, My book THE WELLNESS ZONE does that and my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE goes into why fruits, vegetables and herbs are so good! My blogs and this info is more specific and I want to give you practical how to information so that you can spend this spring getting healthier.

Spring detox season is really 1/3 complete now and so we are really getting into the deeper poisons, toxins and fatty acids that are in our body. Our liver is such a great filter organ and to decongest from these toxins and accumulations is what its all about at this time of the year.

Your liver is your seat of emotion! So when you detox often its easy to become frustrated, agitated, angry, upset, resentful and downright bad tempered when you are in detox mode and your body is releasing what no longer serves it! Better in than out! Even when we think we have a really good diet and clean living , there is always some accumulations and they are often deep seated. The liver is energetically the home to all emotions and so when we release the poisons, they come out in more ways than one!

Detox and be happy! smile! joy! love!

 Helping you feel good is a great plan from our herbal dispensary… This is where we add the herbs hypericum, ( St Johns wort) to your herbal formula for detox time. Along with your liver cleansing detox formula you are able to balance your emotions at the same time and release more harmlessly some of that pent up liver yang, heated and red anger! Hypericum is an antidepressant and nervous system supporting herbal. We have lots of other herbs to help you feel relaxed and good to, so please ask!

This week in my you tube clip I talk about how to strip fatty acids and cholesterol out of the body and why its good to take healthy oils. Please make time to watch this clip and if you want the whole low down on cholesterol and how it works? what it does? and how to manage this then get the 100% by donation download of THE WELLNESS ZONE from my web site. You can have it for free, thats my pleasure!

The best herbs that I like for managing cholesterol and looking after your liver in this management are turmeric, ginger, globe artichoke and garlic. We’ve been making this formula for many years and those who take it as a natural cholesterol management tonic get great results with reduced low density lipoprotein ( LDL) levels and when you change your diet to a detox wholesome vegetable based diet for the cleansing/wood/spring season then you will notice that the good cholesterol/ healthy readings go up High density lipoproteins(HDL) and the LDL levels drop.

We can strip cholesterol from our liver and we can decongest the liver from heavy metals, poisons, toxins and hormones. This is really one of the most important factors in detox therapies in my mind. One of the herbal blends we make here contains kelp, schisandra and fennel. Its our springtime metabolism , weight balance boosting blend and the herbs are so good for you. Schisandra is known in Chinese traditional medicine as the herb of youth! It also is very bitter which is great for the liver and gall bladder, plus helps balance hormones. The kelp is a heavy metal chelator and encases poisons nicely and carries them through your blood into your urine harmlessly,so you are eliminating poisons in a safer way!   The fennel is so deodorising and parasite cleansing, plus its great for digestion and liver function. This blend is available from us and you need to take it through the spring season. Talk to us!

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