Cold water therapy

Cold water therapy has been used traditionally in many cultures. The aim of this therapy is increased circulation and whole body wellness. In my years of study pretty well every style of medical practice has a cold water element to the healings. Today its so hot and humid here. Anyone would think we were in the Giles right next to the equator! Its been 38 degrees C here for a couple of days. Whats it like at your place? 

Here are some ideas..... other than sitting in the shade and swimming in this beautiful Pacific Ocean! 

Don't we all love this scene? Cool ocean water that is super cleansing and great to get us healthy. Go swimming and walking along the beach in the cooler afternoons and early mornings. Get out for a paddle, a surf or some water sports! 

Humidity and heat together create a special magic that can be turned into a really powerful detox therapy.

Water fasting is perfect in this hot weather as we sweat a lot more and release toxins faster. So keep your diet light and add in a day of water fasting to see how much more energised you feel after a day of cold showers, swims and warm water drinks. Make sure you rest more when fasting in hot weather.  

Magical yoga opportunity in this heat! 

Have you ever done hot yoga? well nows the time. This weather is like the perfect hot room to stretch and flex those muscles. Open your body and do some yoga  while the heat is on. You will love it. 

 Cold Water therapies are used in Indian culture to increase vitality and to help distribute energy around the body. In Chinese medicine cold showers and plunge baths are used to bring Liver Yang heat energy down from the head and to distribute the cooling Yin energies through an over heated mind and body. 

Try it today. Have a cold shower. get your body under that water and see if it helps you feel more energised. 

In Europe after a hot sauna and spa often we will plunge into the snow and quickly get out again! Its a beautiful invigorating practice to help you feel more revitalised and awake. 

Yogic traditions encourage cold water in the shower , river, lake or bath daily to keep you more youthful and reduces ageing! Have you noticed how much firmer and toned your skin is when you expose it to daily cold water therapy? And how fresh and energised you feel after coming out of a cold water environment? 

Try it today... It sure is hot enough.. 

Heres a bit of traditional naturopathic advice for you! 

And a note on cold water therapy. Traditionally that doesn't extend to drinking cold drinks! Drinks need to be room temp or warm for your body to assimilate them and absorb the water straight into the cells where its needed. Cold water internally in hot weather can constrict he body and shock the organs. So Cold from the outside and warm on the inside.... 

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