Clearing the Way for Wholeness

Clearing the Way for Wholeness

Clearing The Way for Wholeness




Clearing the way for wholeness requires so many personal releases, acceptances and the ability to just stop what you are thinking and allow that space to penetrate to the deepest crescents of your mind. Once in there, you will be in a unique position. A place where you are the observer of self and the observer of all the rest of life around you. Clearing your body for optimal health and clearing your life to live in your highest good are priorities for me, what about you?

When we observe ourselves, we need to find the balance, we need to shift the illusions and dreams aside and face the dark corners that hide with cob webs of glistening external excuses. We need to face ourselves. and that involves letting go of so many small and tricky concepts, plus some big loads of subconscious rubbish.

Now, its easier not to do that, much easier to just look outside ourselves for all the blames,excuses, rationales and reasons why life can be hard, unfair, unbalanced, un loved, and well just uncomfortable. Then we are always in the superficial, and we are always vulnerable to sickness, cellular degeneration and all kinds of emotional and physical ailments, because we let them in. When we are superficial and externalising our lives, we let in sickness and we are always looking outside ourselves for success , validation and reasons to be smaller and reasons to say no, and reasons to just not meet our potential and highest good. And, thats the key recipe to stay small, to stay under the radar and to stay closed. Is that what we want?

However, turn this little picture around my friends, get into that space of stillness in your mind and then we can start to play in the ball park of reality. We can releases those external gratifications of validation and we can step up and take responsibility for what we think, feel, see and do. After all , its really none of my business what you think of me, and its none of your business what I think of you. So, that settled. we can just get on with being our authentic selves and we can just get on with looking inside and facing those dark corners, shaking them up and letting in some light. Once we start to release this and stand in our ownness, then we can communicate on every level with authenticity and laugh at ourselves, cry with ourselves, and just be…. yes… just be ourselves. Now that is comfortable. phew. be comfortable owning your wholeness and knowing that you are an amazing being.

In heath care over the last century, its been a world of external validation and a world where the professional is the Doctor, The professional and the big pharma medicines have dominated the arena so heavily that politically and socially manipulations have taken place that disempower people. This disempowerment has taught us that its necessary for external validation and that you are really a small person who needs to conform to the bigness of Big Pharma, Big corportaions, big monoploly and big ideas that are spread through the mass media. In the media it is dominated by a sickness of commercial imagery that doesn’t serve the highest good of anyone and just minimalises everyone who witnesses it. Its a consolidated closing down of the human goodness and spirit. Thank God for the internet and the opening up of truths in the world and now we can see that our planet, our people, our animals, our nature all need healing and all need a collective validation that is not based on this old paradigm. Its time to heal ourselves within so that we can contribute externally to heal all other aspects of life. We can be of true service when we are clear and ready. Are you ready?

Take away the modern disempowering crutches and what are you left with? Yes, you are left with YOU! you are left with your relationships, your community, your daily life and you are left to face yourself. I can assure you that no one is ever going to do it for you! No one else is ever going to climb inside your mind and clear out all the clutter, darkness, mind sets of inadequacy and bring you in the light of your truth and highest good, other than yourself. And, on that note, no one else is ever going to create the dedication, hard work and personal fortitude of spirit required to do this other than you. So, why look outside? Outside is just that. Out.

Looking inside ourselves takes courage, it takes belief and it takes a certain amount of courage. Especially when you find something. We all know that thought, the little guilty one that creeps in our mind and then we flash it away and cover it up with rose scented thoughts, or we distract ourselves with something like the internet, a book, external gratification, a cigarette, a coffee, food, stuff it down with chocolate, eat that extra large meal, or take some drugs, pharmaceutical or otherwise, its all a blurr of excuses to avoid ourselves. If you fast on water for two weeks and then you start to eat again, you know that tis is truth, you know that what is real is inside you. There are many paths to this awareness. I was blessed to start fasting 30 years ago and its been the biggest catalyst in my life for change. Amongst others, but thats a fast way to face yourself. If you are going to fast please do so supervised and chat with someone about it, In my book The Wellness Zone I describe techniques for fasting and how to do it.

So, that brings me to the next topic. Finding our truth and clearing our mind needs a consciousness of a clear and clean mind and body. To detox is to cleanse, to cleanse is to release whatever is there congested in the cells, in the muscles, organs, systems and mind of this body. This holy chanel and gateway, the temple of your existence here on planet earth. So, when you cleanse you release a lot of the darkness and mindlessness that chatters to you unconditionally without any grace for your truth. This is the stuff you read in magazines, the media, the television, the advertsing, the propogandorous shaping of our society in a way that creates guilt and inadequacy in you because you are told subconsciously that this is the way! When really, get down to the facts, your intuition, if you have it turned on, knows this is all just rubbish and the way is really looking within and facing yourself and doing some things to help yourself be your best self. This involves a conscious presence of you, available and open to you. Making time for you and doing something about it.

Nothing is new. No information that we read about by anyone living today is new. The ancient texts all say the same  conscious awakening information that is translated into English today and is taught by those we consider enlightened. Thats you,  all you need to do is research, yes you are the light and you are the way. Its that simple. Unless you turn on your own light, you get to stay in various states of darkness and in these states you get to be drowsy and partially asleep, or fully asleep and delusioned and maybe even drugged and dreaming of something else. So, whatever it is on that level…. its not going to truly become your shining light until you can clear out the clutter and clean up the body and get off your drugs and get out of your ego mind body that tells you everything is controlled from the  outside. Yes true consciousness is presence and that is best taken straight and clear and uncontaminated by influences such as drugs and artificial substances.

So, My ten top tips for looking inside and clearing some mind body clutter to feel peace and develop your acceptance of wholeness in self and others. . 

1. Clean up your diet and drug intake. yes do a detox, fast, cleanse and do it on a regular basis. get rid of , poisons, preservatives, excess sodium, processed carbohydrates like sugars, artificial additives, pharmaceutical drugs, mind altering drugs, toxic drugs, get rid of unethical unclean foods. make sure you eat from the garden of Eden and no animal was harmed to bring me my nourishments. eat with the seasons. Look at ancient texts and dietary and lifestyle eating choices and take the best ones that work for you. Put clean food in your body. Put clean water in your body. Put clear energy in the food you eat. Don’t eat to eat, eat to nourish. Make your body a well oiled, well operating and beautiful temple of nutritional health.

2. Breathe deeply and freely. Make time to feel the energy of the air you breathe. Learn to move with your breathe consciously and breathe in newness and breathe out old thoughts and what no longer serves you. Use breathe as a tool to help you bring oxygen and blessings into your body and to remove staleness and old ways that need to go.

3. develop a meditation practice for yourself that takes you within and allows you to think clearly and to relax and stop external influences. Take time daily to do this. Still the mind, release the chatter, put it to one side and watch yourself and how you live and how you respond to the world around you. Make it clear to yourself that you are the highest priority and that if you are not able to do this for yourself then you are not able to serve others with clarity. We all vibrate to a certain level, or a certain frequency and the development of a daily meditation practice is the gateway to opening this door of vibrational healing within yourself. It is the gate way to peace and to stress management. If you want to have a clam and heathy body, simply develop a calm and healthy mind. So, this practice is really a key.

4. Follow the teachings of The Inspired who walk with us and before us Yes, we are so blessed to have them here in this time and space that its a privledge to know the tenants of The Dalai Lama Philosophy and to be able to act on  them on a daily basis. Lets start with generosity of spirit and see how that opens up our inner light? Wow, nothing matches that for opening our hearts to love. Then we can add in some compassion and make our lives one big journey of kindness. I’m sure you will feel a whole lot more whole when you do this. And of course we respect and honor the great teachers of these times and past times, too numerous to name, they can be enlightened, or just lived a life that is worth observing and watching how they dealt with lessons and pain and change. Every culture has so many people to be inspired by, find them and learn. Allah,  Bach, Jehovah,  Marley, Rama, Lennon ( John)  Beethoven, Matisse,  Mandela, Ghandi, Guru Ram Das, ( Now I am already back to the 1600’s  and Mr Shakespeare himself.  Every culture, every treasure.) however to read these works, to be inspired by their words and the paths they have walked is to look within and see that within ourselves. Its a good way to open up and see what needs to be unveiled and what illusions need to be released within ourselves by observing the great works and lives of others. These people, all of them were true to their own path and they were true to service and to being authentic. If you are going to look outside for inspiration then look to the highest places that inspire you to be your best self and read information that is going to uplift you.

5, Uplift yourself and uplift others. Look in direction in life that takes you to likemindedness and uplift yourself and others. Follow your passions and look where you want to go in life. There are many paths and its wise to take the path that leads you to the place where you are able to follow your highest good with bliss, light, peace and joy. Thats the key. Get to understand yourself and look at the truth. Don’t mask it in superficiality anymore, do the hard yards and face yourself and face what needs to be released and cleared and then follow the path of light and blessings. Its not always so easy. It may involve years of study, working hard, developing your self on every level, raising your vibration, trusting in the unfoldment of life and going with that. All the while you are uplifting yourself with personal truth and trust and validation and uplift others. Feel around you, feel people around you and go for the highest frequency of love between yourself and others. See where each individual communication leads you are keep your integrity, ethics, honesty, light, love and trust in this process. It will lead you where you need to go and take you places you never imagined. So, trust, trust, trust.

6. And  I want to tell you that herbal medicines are amazing. herbal medicines will help you access yourself on a deeper level, they will help you open up those corners and be comfortable with the emerging you who is there waiting in the sidelines to take centre stage in your life. Herbs to relax, herbs to cleanse, herbs to transcend, herbs to heal, herbs to live with. Chat with me, I am so happy to help you with herbs, beautiful herbs.

7. Think with love. My Infinity Heart meditation which I will share with you another time is a beautiful way to connect to yourself and everything around you. Be true to yourself, follow your dreams and trust in your intuition. In fact develop your intuition as a priority. Learn that is the way to wholeness more than any thoughts or thinking mind acts. Your intuition, trust and loving life concepts will help you more than anything or anyone outside yourself. You will find the way that works for you, you will find the tools that develop you in the way you want to go. We are all the same, we are all as one. Some are on the road you are on, others on another road. Some are our mentors and teachers, some are our students and our successors. This is the life of wholeness.

Have a great day and I trust you enjoyed this blog.

With love light and all the blessings a girl could offer you.

Dom xooxox

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Dominique Liv Kamal  MHlth Prom. Bch Hlth Sc Comp Med, ND, Nut, Dip Journ.xoxox