Changes to Maleny Clinic and final festive season posting 22nd Dec

Hello and how are you today? 

It's silly season again. we love the festive season and we love sharing our herbs. So far we have given out beautiful body products as little thank you to parcels in the mail in the last few weeks. We are posting this Weds, Thurs, Fri and Also last post of the year is next Weds the 22nd Dec. If you want some of our herbal beauty please let us know asap for Christmas post. 

With all the changes to regulations here in QLD we have decided to keep our herbs safe and only accept phone calls and telehealth  for  the herbal Dispensary in Maleny  until further notice. Effective from last Sunday the 12th Dec 2021. This means we only offer contactless pick up 

Please call us or make your booking online. 0409765033. They are all free. 

These are unprecedented times and everyone is very unsure of what the future brings, so we want to assure you that we are taking action to keep you safe when you work with us! 

We have decided to go back to our COVID plan of no entry to the medicines I have been attending many conferences and webinars with my international colleagues and we want to let you know we have herbs to help you  If you do get sick please connect with us and we will do our best to assist.

 We are members of herbalists without borders, the American herbalist guild and FNHAA in Australia. We are here to help everyone and we are able to offer you immunity support, vaccination support and herbal support for illness. 

I hold a Master degree in Public health/ health promotion and am also here to help you unravel the regulations that have been imposed on us from QLD Health. I am available for consultations in the next week if you want to discuss your particular needs. ( This is not a free service and is charged by the hour) 

Have a safe festive season and we look forward to seeing you at Eumundi Markets this week, or Bushtime Woodfordia if you are there, or in one of our free community clinics via telehealth or face to face soon. 

MedicineRoom trading is listed on our web site. we are closed ( except Bushtime ) from Dec 22nd till January 12th. we will post all online orders, return phone calls, answer emails and reconnect with you after that date. the Eumundi markets will be back for us on January 15th 2022. 

Love and stay safe and practice your social distancing, respectful check in, masks when you feel you need them and loving hand washing for hygiene. Lets hope this virus and its variants dilute quickly. In the mean time Much love and we are here for your herbal needs again in January 2022. 

Love Dom and team xoxo