Welcome to our new herbal teas online shop!

Welcome to The Medicine Room Herbal Teas online! 

Its been a few busy months here with lock downs, developing our medicines  and   drinking tea!  Yes, as herbalists we see a lot of herbs and we love making tea. It is so good we just wanted to share it with you! So, today we celebrate our very first online tea shop. Yes, right here... with us. 

We are sharing our  practitioner grade raw herbs with you, high quality and therapeutically available herbs. They can be used for teas, infusions, decoctions, marinations and extractions. You can make your very own high grade herbal tea products at home! 

We now have 50 organic, raw herbs for you to select from. You choose the herbs in 50 grams or 100 gram weights! Some of these herbs are rare and hard to find. We are opening our dispensary herbs to you! 

These herbs are premium certified organic. These are the same herbs we use to make you extractions, elixirs and body products. You will love the depth of flavour, the richness of aroma and colours. These are the real deal! 

Please check them out on our web site now! 

Want to win $100 of raw herbal teas? Simply purchase herbal teas from our web site before the 10th of July and you automatically go in the draw to win $100 gift packet of herbal tea selection. Its that easy to enter! 

How to make the perfect herbal infusion.

1. Take your favourite tea pot and fill it with hot water. 

2. Put the kettle on to boil water

3. When the kettle boils, empty the tea pot of hot water so that the pot is cosy warm. Now add 1 teaspoon of dried herbal tea for every 200ml of water you will add. 

4. Pour the boiling water over the tea. Let is seep for ten minutes with a warm scarf wrapped around the pot! 

5. Pour into cups and enjoy with your additions of any ( or all) of the folowing: 

mylks, think oat, soy, coconut, almond, moo cow! 

add a pinch of salt to the pot to bring out minerals and flavours

what about some honey, maple syrup! 

add a dash of lemon or orange juice 

or add in your favourite herbal extraction. 

Enjoy your cuppa!

Heres our current schedule

Our web site is open to purchase online body products, hand sanitisers and gift vouchers. Contact us directly for medicines. www.medicineroom.com.au 

Stay tuned as we are offering some epic online training courses for you in the beginning  of July. Sign up for our newsletter if you are not getting it already!

We are back at Eumundi markets on Saturday 11th July in our usual spot! 

We are Open every Weds in Maleny for the public to visit us for herbals and free clinics .

If you want to chat with us and let us help you with herbal medicines and wellness advocacy. We are open each week from Tuesday to Saturday. Call us to chat, email or make an online booking to have a telehealth free clinic or come to Maleny on Weds for our herbal dispensary open day each week! 

We welcome you to the following services now

Come to the mountain and say hello in Maleny...( weds only)  Or get online and have a telehealth consult with me. They are both free and 25 minutes in duration. You just need to make your booking now! 



phone us +61 409 765033 between 9am and 4pm Tuesday to Friday. 

email us wellness@medicineroom.net  (anytime)  

Contact us directly for your herbal medicine repeats and new formulations in our free community clinic vis phone or email.   

Let us help you when you are busy, conscious of your health and wanting simple doable solutions. We can have you feeling well and vibrant with our consultations, conversations, herbal medicines and practical daily dietary solutions that are organic, natural and great value. 

You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body, strong physical body and an active vibrant mind! We are really happy to help you. 

Have a great day and take care . Make sure you sign up for our online blogs and newsletters . We are starting our monthly prizes again now. 


phone us  +61 409765033

Our facebook pages are Dominique Livkamal and Medicineroom http://www.facebook.com/dominiquelivkamal


On instagram we are medicine_room 

With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  


Dominique is the author of two books The Wellness Zone 2nd ed and The magic of food as medicine.

She is a passionate wellness advocate. In 2012 she was awarded the Australian herbalist of the year and in 2015 made a fellow of the NHAA.

Dom holds a Masters in public health/health promotion, A  Bachelor or Health Science/ Complementary medicine. She is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist . Dom also has a  Diploma in  Journalism, is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioner and a student of life and wellness advocate. 

She is the founder of Medicine Room naturopathic herbal dispensary and organises wellness events.  Dom created High vibes on the mountain, she developed herbal first aid services and is a programmer for The Woodford Folk Festival…. always working with love, gratefulness, light and through the divine grace!