Broccoli One of natures miracle foods

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One of the big topics at the moment is antioxidants and how they can work in your body. Here is an exert from my upcoming 3rd edition of THE WELLNESS ZONE 2021   about one of our favourite antioxidant foods. Good old Brocoli. 

Broccoli  One of Nature’s Miracle Foods

Brassica oleracea var botrytis

Learn to love broccoli

The active health properties in broccoli are its mega antioxidant content, in particular indole-3-carbinol. Some research links indole-3-carbinol to a reduced risk of breast, prostate and other hormone-dependant cancers. Isothiocyanates found in broccoli, may suppress tumour growth and hormone production. Flavonoids also demonstrate protection against cancer. 

Sulforaphane, produced by the body from broccoli, has shown to trigger the production of phase II enzymes, these can detoxify cancer-causing chemicals and are among the most potent anti-cancer compounds known to man. Broccoli is also a great source of folic acid, magnesium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium and potassium. 

But... be careful how you cook your broccoli - a recent study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, found that boiled broccoli loses two-thirds of its flavonoid content, compared with a mind-blowing 97% loss induced by microwave cooking. So use your wok, stir-fry, steam or eat the young sprouts for best results

Broccoli sprouts fight cancer

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered that three day old sprouts have very high amounts of the natural cancer-fighting compounds; isothiocyanate and sulforaphane, which help support antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The researchers found that when testing young shoots of broccoli at this 3 day stage, the shoots contained 20 - 50 times more of these cancer fighting actives in concentrated form, than was found in mature broccoli. 

There are many reasons to eat sprouts. In addition to providing very high levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, sprouts deliver them in a form which is easily assimilated and digested. In fact, sprouts improve the efficiency of digestion. 

Prevent heart disease and protect your lungs with broccoli

Other studies have shown that the consumption of broccoli is strongly associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease death in post-menopausal women. This is because the health benefits of broccoli are able to help delay the degeneration of cells in the body, slowing down the aging process, delaying inflammation and thereby altering their risk of heart disease. 

It was found that chemicals present in broccoli, cabbage, bok choy and other cruciferous vegetables may protect against lung cancer. Researchers studied more than 18,000 men, they recorded 259 cases of lung cancer during the study’s follow-up period. The researchers found that the men with detectable amounts of a substance known as ‘isothiocyanate’ in their bodies had a 36% lower risk of developing lung cancer over a 10-year period. 

How does broccoli help with prostate disease?

For years we have been recommending broccoli treatments in natural clinics for men who have prostate disease. It has been shown consistently that when you have broccoli; steamed, in juices, or as sprouts added to your daily diet, that the prostate heals faster and returns to normal function quicker than if you were just taking herbal medicines and antioxidants alone. 

Broccoli is a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels in the uro-genital system. This re-establishes the distribution of circulation (ischemia), especially on the prostate, enabling fresh blood to enter an already inflamed and often inaccessible part of the body. As you can see, this would provide the prostate with enough nutrition and other essential ingredients to heal, which in turn helps increase fertility and re-establish the libido.

Broccoli treatments are a good way to enhance your health

Broccoli treatments can be taken for prostate disease or for anyone who is suffering from a chronic illness and wants to improve their health. The anti inflammatory effects can help you if you have arthritis or any condition where inflammation is a problem. The immune boosting benefits will help anyone who is worried about cancer or has an immune deficiency. Often I recommend this treatment to people who want to boost their immunity before winter, in conjunction with detox therapies or even when you are just run down and need a simple and effective boost. Make sure you get organic fresh broccoli or make your own sprouts at home. 

Broccoli treatments have two effects. One is the anti-inflammatory action. The second is increasing your immunity.  These properties are what make broccoli treatment a powerful tool when treating prostate disease and all other conditions where your immunity is compromised or inflammation is a big player in your illness. Broccoli has an anti-lithogen effect on prostate, gall and kidney stones. This means that the stones can be softened and broken down with the addition of broccoli to your diet. For the anti-lithogen effect, you need a large quantity of broccoli in the diet for at least two months.

The broccoli treatment should last for 30 days and can be added to your normal diet with no contraindications to any medications you may be taking. You should use all of the plant, including the stem, flowering tops and leaves. Or you can use sprouts. 

You need to have 250ml of fresh raw juice each morning and again in the evening on an empty stomach. Once you have had the juice, you can drink 250ml of water over the next half hour or so but wait half an hour after the juice before you eat or drink anything else. If you have the sprouts, you will need roughly 100g of these twice a day, eaten on their own on an empty stomach followed by a larger amount of water and once again no other foods for half an hour. This timeframe allows the broccoli to do its work. If you are taking other antioxidants and herbal medicines you can mix them with your broccoli treatment. Eating steamed or raw broccoli in meals is also beneficial. If you do not want to follow the strict treatment of juices or sprouts, then you can have 500g of broccoli either raw or steamed, added to your regular diet each day. This is not as intensive as the juices and sprouts, however it will still be an awesome healing regime.

This is an exert from my book THE WELLNESS ZONE 


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