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Hello and welcome to my blog this week. 

 I trust you are having a great week leading up to the Easter long weekend. We are at Eumundi Markets on Easter Saturday so come and visit us for our free community clinic. I'm also at Moffats beach on Good Friday for herbal body therapy clinics and have two places available if you would like to book, let me know. 

I made a podcast to go with the blog as I really want to share with you ideas for having a strong emotional body and nervous system. 

I chat with you in this podcast about how to achieve a stronger nervous system and emotional body. I believe that its the first place to start with all of us for a healthy mind and body. 

Sometimes its as simple as getting your sleeping into a good routine that suits your lifestyle and creativity. If we don't get a good night sleep then its really hard to have . a strong emotional body and a balanced nervous system. The best way forward is having a good night sleep. 

Taking herbs like valerian, kava lava, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower and oats all help nourish and relax your body. 

Each herb has its own qualities and I talk about these in my podcast in detail.  Taking a good vitamin B source is really important in your life too. My favourites are nutritional yeast and spirulina. I love these and they are both really nourishing and supportive in your nervous system and help your emotional resilience. 

St Johns wort is my all time favourite herb for your emotional body and its the number one herb if you are feeling down, getting depressed. 

Water therapies are great to help balance your body,  Ideas like having hot and cold showers before bed to help accelerate the delivery of the herbal medicines you are taking. 

Having a good nourishing diet is really important in boosting your nervous system and emotional body. Sometimes when we get stressed we eat to compensate for the "lack of " feelings we have. So a good plant based diet with additional protein and having nurturing and nourishing foods is a priority to strengthen your nervous system 

When you have a vulnerable nervous system and emotional body then you may react to the world in negative ways that create more stress. By strengthening yourself emotionally and through your nervous system then you would respond to situations that happen outside off yourself in a more balanced way and you will be able to cope better on a daily basis and feel stronger within.  

As we are challenged through the day and reach our capacity with resilience and we experience stressors then we are able to face these things better if we have a stronger emotional body and nervous system. This increases and develops your capacity and you are not going to be phased by experiences so much. 

Lets work together to help you develop an optimal nervous system and emotional body. This is anti ageing at its best. Its allowing your body to be relaxed and not triggered and stressed by what happens around you! 

Talk to me if we can help. 

Listen to this podcast when you want to be active in making yourself more resilient and heal your emotions and nervous system 

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You can heal your life with herbs, nutrition and mindset. Be calm, be healthy and have a strong emotional body

Have a great day and take care 

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With love and blessings Dominique Livkamal  

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