Boost and protect your body today with my simple chilli vinegar dip recipe.

Hello lovelies, So after all the droughts we now have excessive rain! Yes and it hasn't stopped for days. Have you been getting enough exercise? Now the family are all back in full swing for 2020 we can let these fitness regimes slide. And, when that happens our metabolism slows down and any creaks and pains in our body tend to flare up with the wet weather and the lack of regular exercise. Today in my blog I want to offer you a quick solution that can help boost your body and protect you by the addition to Chilli in your diet.... I'm talking micro dosing and its so easy to do with loads of benefits.

Whats in a Chilli? Capsicum Annuum. Common old cayenne pepper. Your garden variety of chilli pepper. Its everywhere and its good for you! 

Do you suffer from pain? inflammation? Arthritis? Or perhaps you want some metabolism boosting? loose a few kilos? Maybe you want some cancer preventative protection in your diet? Or have high cholesterol? Have you got circulation issues? Cardiovascular health compromised? All of these conditions can be helped with the addition of some capsicum/ hot chilli/ cayenne pepper in your diet. 

It sounds hot right? literally you either love or hate your chllli in food. When I first started to study chilli as a herbalist I looked at he traditional uses in Ayurvedic medicine and then observed the cultures where Chilli plays a daily role in food. Observing the illnesses and health conditions these people suffered i learnt a few things. 

Chilli boosts your metabolism and it helps you eat less. 

That in cultures where chilli is given daily in food it is in the food of everyone.... Small children are weaned into a chilli culture. The result of this I noticed was the lack of obesity in these cultures both from over consumption of food and the less known fact that chilli boost your metabolism and it also helps you feel full from a meal faster. So you eat less. This is perfect for dieters and those wanting a boost. Research now backs this up with clinical trials. We have found that a micro dose of 2 drops of chilli herbal extraction in a drink or on your meal really helps boost metabolism. You can also use a chilli paste, powder or try my recipe below for chilli vinegar dip. Research has shown that chilli increases your metabolism by 25% for four hours after you eat some! Now thats good news. 

The traditional incidence of cardiovascular disease and associated chronic diseases is not as common in these countries. The populations tend to eat chilli with turmeric, garlic, ginger and other spices that are all associated with daily foods and its only on the introduction of the Western style of eating and western medicines have these people started to have cardiovascular risk factors increased and incidence of cardiovascular diseases including high cholesterol and heart attacks becoming more common. So I can assume from this information that there is a protective factor in the chilli and other spices eaten. Research also backs this up and chilli is used as a cardiovascular protectant. 

Chilli vinegar dip

Scroll to this recipe from me to you... boost and protect your body today. 

Chilli is popular today topically as a cream is used by many people all over the world and there are traditional ancient practices where chilli has been applied as a paste as well as compress, poultice and liquid to relieve pain and inflammation. We now use it all the time for this purpose and the active constituent Capsaisin. 

We've found that chilli is great after sports, for sore joints and muscles and also to warm you up on a cold day. Our Chilli herbal skin balm is so good for these things and helps relieve chronic pain when used daily. 

Chilli Vinegar dip 

Take a bunch of fresh chilli. As much as you like. I'm using 1 cup full here. Slice it thin and pop in a jar. Pour over enough of your favourite vinegar to cover the chilli and add a sprinkle of sea salt. Mix together and pop in the fridge. Now add a small amount to your dinner each night. Just a little on the side of your plate is enough for cardio protection and metabolism boosting.... 

This is so easy and so good for you... 


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