And down the rabbit hole I go.... Simply triggered by a cos lettuce!

Something as simple as a Cos lettuce has triggered me... Its organic, spray free, locally grown in real soil, made of real compost, its non GMO and it seeds itself to make many many more for free, for love and for the nourishment of those who eat it.... Now thats real food.  This little lettuce makes me want to become a gardener and to grow food.... because if we can't do that... then we get into the mass food chain that is really frightening. 

 And down the rabbit hole I go.... My blog today was going to be all about the toxic chemicals and 900 plus ingredients that go into pesticides and insecticides and so called nutrition and soil nourishment that goes into our food chain. I was going to go into details of the toxic waste dumps our rivers and oceans have become. I was feeling bored up about the poisons that are sold as food! 

And then I thought I'd tell you yet again about the cells in our body and how we need to keep them clean and how to flush those horrid gylcophosphates and old dead animal wastes from our bodies, the rivers, the oceans, the planet and maybe I would even go into my little personal rave about how much I wish we would all just wake up and stop buying all that junk! 

OK, thats an old story... a legacy we create by the way we spend our money and the investment we make every time we spend our money.... perhaps this blog could have been about he exploitation of the governments and manipulations through lobby to create such massive industries with no regulation and no accountability... But, does that support other industries to keep the dirty chain well oiled? 

Finally, let me mention that all is not as it seams.... sometimes something is sold as organic and its not, something is branded a certain way because thats where the money is.... and sometimes no one cares enough to even hide the toxins and they just keep them coming out of a slave driven, energetically dead environment...... and thats what some call food!!! 

I guess I came out of my morning sadhana today feeling a little perplexed and wanting to remind myself that I needed to be more aware of whats sneaking into my personal world. Observing the way I live and seeing what is going in my body? I love good energy, good vibes and deliciousness in my food. 

I have been thinking about the movements and changes with local foods in my own community and see that so many people are growing food, growing harmony in community gardens, growing relationships in small scale local businesses that support and feed each other through support and encouragment. Thats the kind of business I want see everywhere. 

Now when it comes to the Cos lettuce.... lets keep it simple.... and this is all aerial greens and any fruit, vegetable that has been exposed to the air while it grew up to be your food.... Simply make it organic, spray free and as local as possible. The best place is your garden... The second best place is your local market or fresh delivery people. The third best place is to replace it with something else that is local..... and when it comes to eating out... well, I have nothing to say about that since I do it all the time.... But, thats what I mean about toxins sneaking into my life... 

The leafy greens really cop it when it comes to toxins as they just readily soak it all up so well. Thats their job on the plant.... Be super ware of everything green.And however much I Love my beloved spirulina and algae from the ocean... you need to be vigilant with them too.... ask for the source, always chase the source and see where it comes from.... I do when we source you organic herbs in the medicineroom.... I do when I go to my local co op and shops to get my spirulina and I trust these people to provide me with organic delicious fresh greens when I buy them... 

If you can't get organic then soak your greens in a small amount of apple cider vinegar and water for a few minutes, this helps pull out the toxins... 

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Dominique Livkamal 


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Heres a pic of me and my beautiful surfing sisters yesterday morning. We are celebrating Karis baby shower in the ocean and had a beautiful morning tea afterwards... It was beautiful to be in the clean blue and green ocean!