it’s…..ALL WELL AND GOOD plus September Schedule.

Lets Spring into Spring…. Its detox time, its time to get all excited and move into the newness, like a flower budding , you shall gain energy and great health by eating simple foods, fresh greens, light soups and beautiful nourishing foods that cleanse your liver and help you feel fabulous.

Here is our little mantra for this blog

” I open myself to the warmth and newness of Spring. Like a child in wonderment, I watch each petal of my life unfold with joy, grace and curiosity.  I respect my body and my mind more than ever before, the connection between me and my environment is a powerful aphrodisiac for living in my light of truth, beauty and clearness. I take the opportunity of spring to refresh myself and embrace these qualities, and to allow the flow of newness its course” 


Hello my lovelies and how are you today? The last few blogs I have written have had really positive feedback from you about how close to the bone some of my words are for you.  This had humbled me so much and offered me the realisation that I write about, what is on my mind, what I am studieing, what I am learning about and it is truly a blog.  There are those of you who will relate to one post, or another, over 12,000 people have access to my blogs and newsletters, So I am grateful for any feedback, ideas and concepts. The important thing for me to do is to stay true in my writing and to go deep within my own thoughts and just let it flow. Thank you for allowing me that grace in my work, and thank you for accepting me as I am and as I change with the flow of life.  The words that come from the airbook keyboard are often magically emerging as I breathe and just allow them to come. Its the magic of writing and I wish it for everyone.

Earlier this year I changed my name. Yes it was a transition as I needed to resolve personal issues and I decided that the energy of one name to another has a differing vibration. Its like saying one word and the feeling of that word.. it is different to saying another word. And I am glad I changed my name, its reflecting in my work and its reflecting in my life in ways that I never imagined. I am grateful that I have taken on my Kundalini yoga name that was given to me from my teachers through a the magical science of tantric numerology, through the vibration of the astrology and the planetary timing of the exact moment you were born and location on planet earth. You can laugh as you will, or agree.  However this weekend at YOga Peace in Mullumbimby Guru Dass will be there teaching about Tantric Numerology. If you want to go contact me and I will give you Mahanraj’s details and you can contact her directly to book.

White Lotus Health.. Professional Health Promotion Services

White Lotus Health.. Professional Health Promotion Services


For the record, my name is “LivKamal” and that means the one pointed direction of the lotus flower from the muds of the earth to the heavens…. Oh yes…. and that certainly is a good name. I kept my birthname that my gorgeous parents named me ” Dominique” and I added the ” LivKamal” it feels good. Its interesting as people try to work it out and say it, esp in official offices and Australian traditional settings. I smile and think how awesome it is to be different.

So, you will see all of my work in this name from now on. Its official and its a new time for us all and we do what ever we do in our lives to make the changes necessary for our own growth and development. Whats in a name we ask? Well its the vibration of light and love, its the energy of your own journey and its your uniqueness. If you are in The NOrthern Rivers Shire this weekend I highly recommend this course with Guru Dass. ” Tantric Numerology” Kundalini Yoga.

Talking Kundalini Yoga, I have been doing lots of yoga this year at home. In fact every day I practice and I have been teaching some classes earlier in the year and since May have not offered public classes. I am looking for a location on the Sunshine Coast where I can start to teach in 2015. Do you know anywhere? I want to offer some regular weekly classes and really want to find the right space. In the mean time I have been doing an awesome course on ” Radiant Body” which is about balance between the five elements and Ayurveda. It is so much fun and this is the first eight week course that I will be offering. So that will either be later this year or early next year, depending on location sourcing.


September Schedule. 

The 7th Annual ALL WELL AND GOOD DAY is on at Eumundi Markets on September the 6th. I am very excited as we are presenting our FOOD AS MEDICINE PROJECT in fruuit and vegetable stalls there taken from my best selling book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE.

Here is the promo clip the lovely people at the markets made for my project.




I am also making Golden Milk in the Market Kitchen at 12.45. Its one of my favorite recipes and of course I have adapted it from the original to my own version which is super bone strengthening, anti inflamatory and pain relieving. I have shared this recipe with you before. But here it is again. Its almost my favorite recipe. We love it so much… Everyone who I make golden milk for falls in love with its awesome honey and turmeric loved up taste.


Golden Milk

Golden Milk



Golden Milk is one of my favorite drinks. It’s perfect after a yoga workout and its fabulous as a whole body tonic, refreshing antinflammatory drink and is nutritious.

Here is the recipe. Take about 50 grams of dried turmeric root and equal parts of dried ginger root. Place in a sauce pan.  Add a pinch of salt and about 1/2 cup honey. Add 1 litre of water and bring to the boil. Boil for about ten to fifteen minutes until you have reduced the liquid to about half ( 500ml). Then strain off the dried herbs and place the liquid in a jug. Top up with 1 litre of almond milk and drink. Easy and totally delicious.

You would do well to use this drink where ver you have inflammation and irritability in the body. It relieves stress and is an anti cancer drink. If you have arthritis you will feel relief and also after sports. Its great bone drink too as full of almond milk which is full of calcium.

This is the drink we make after yoga workshops and its our favorite drink to sip all day when cleansing. You can make this recipe and pop in the fridge or drink it hot. One think to remember is that once teh almond milk is added you can not reboil the drink as it will result in separation of ingredients. So, if you need to reheat, please do so gently in saucepan and use a temprature gauge to 70 degrees only.

And if you look at my blog from a few weeks ago I have made a Golden Laksa recipe too which is my savoury soupy version of golden milk. I just love developing healthy recipes and ideas for your wellness.

Dom’s herbal medicine for inflammation and care. We make a gorgeous herbal extraction blend of turmeric, ginger, hops, gotu kola and celery seed in the herbal dispensary. We call it Herbal Inflammation Care . Many of my patients know this blend for arthritis pain relief, inflammatory conditions and a general wellness tonic for inflamed and sore bodies. Its great after extensive exercise for pain relief and this blend is perfect for those who want o reduce fluid build up in the body. Contact me if you want some. Its one of those blends that when taken as a daily tonic has so many health giving benefits.

So I shall see you at the Market Kitchen at 12.45 on teh 6th September and make you some Golden Milk.

Here is the full program for the All Well and Good Day link. The link to Eumundi Markets Web site and you click in and get all of the information,

Eumundi Markets web site where you can download ALL WELL AND GOOD PROGRAM

NOW I will be away for two markets in September. I will be at the Market of Sat the 6th and on Sat the 27th. I will be personally away on the 13th and the 20th. However my students are there and you can still come and be looked after beautifully. There will be no formulating as I am away. Sorry, but I am still so attached to formulating and I like to do it myself for you. You can pick up the regular Herbal formulas.  Orders as usual in September and please email me, text or leave a message and we will get your orders posted. I will be away for some of the time and may return your call via Skype or email you with questions.

Enjoy  your week. Those coming to my rejuvenation retreat in October get to experience a cooking class with me where we will make some  amazing recipes that are delicious and super nourishing and healthy. You can book for my next retreat in February on my web site  MEDICINEROOM WEB SITE TO BOOK RETREAT AND BUY DOM”S PRODUCTS

The Wellness Zone Ebooks

Thanks for reading this blog/newsletter and have a great cleansing week. I am available if you want my support. Any time you want a cleanse.. I am happy to support you… its an awesome process and you always let go of some unnecessary toxins and feel healthier at the end.. it might be a tad uncomfortable during the process… but hey… its a detox.. its supposed to be different from every other day!


Book online Medicineroom web site.

Face Mask

With love as always Dom xoxo

Take care and I trust you enjoy this blog newsletter.

With Love Dom xoxoox

Dominique Liv Kamal
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Current Australian Herbalist of the Year
Naturopath, nutritionist, writer and Herbalist.
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We have sold out my retreat in October in Beautiful Montville. Please see our details for the Radiance retreat in February which will be awesome. see Medicineroom website to purchase Dom’s products

Blessings in your entry to spring..” I open myself to the warmth and newness of Spring. Like a child in wonderment, I watch each petal of my life unfold with joy, grace and curiosity.  I respect my body and my mind more than ever before, the connection between me and my environment is a powerful aphrodisiac for living in my light of truth, beauty and clearness. I take the opportunity of spring to refresh myself and embrace these qualities, and to allow the flow of newness its course” 

Have a beautiful day my friends and I look forward to connecting with you at The Medicineroom.