All things Sleep matter! How is your sleep patterns?

Theres so much to sleep. It's the single most important thing we can do for wellness. Saying that I mean quite simply this : 

If you don't get adequate sleep and the right kind of sleep your body degenerates faster, you have less energy, you do not heal properly and your risk factors for all chronic diseases are raised. You have more chance of getting sick and your body is not going to repair itself properly! 

The reasons why we don't get sleep are often related to stress, hormones, mindset and exercise outlay. Our diets and our lifestyle practices play a big part in sleep and how much we get matters! 

This Sunday we are running a long table wellness day in Maleny. 

COVID restrictions have lifted and I am now opening another 4 places for the day. 

If you would like to join us please click here and register

We hold these days in our Maleny herbal dispensary.  They are filled with education, fun, and a workshop. We have a delicious vegan lunch and recipes are shared and discussed about herbs to use for our topic of the day. In this case we are going into sleep and how to get a better understanding of sleep and what can help you! 

We are at Eumundi markets each Saturday and please book for your free online telehealth clinic with me every week open each Weds and Thursday 

Have an awesome day 

Love Dominique