Acute relief herbs for flood areas needed now!

Hello and I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

The pictures coming through of the flood areas are showing so many terrible situations and our friends and neighbours have lost everything! 

As part of the relief Medicine Room are donating 200 x 200ml herbal medicines to the area with herbs to help with acute stress, pain and inflammation, immunity boosting, allergies and coughs, colds and also for adrenal and energy recovery. 

Over the weekend we connected with fellow herbalists and naturopaths in areas effected in Norther rivers and Gympie and are in the process ow of organising the medicines to be formulated, bottled and sent to them this week. 

Our contribution is the 200 bottles, however we know we will need more. Each donation will contribute to our project above and beyond the 200 bottles we are making up. Your donation  will enable us to make more and to help more people from our medicine room community. 

If you are able to help us please donate money to our account and we can add to the contribution. 

We will match you bottle for bottle  on donations above our original commitment of   200 x 200ml herbal medicine bottles. . This means we get twice the amount out that you donate. This is not marketing. This is kindness, community and service. help us help! 

$35 buys one x 200ml bottle of herbs and gets it to the person who needs it. 


Please click on this link to donate now. 

Thanks so much