A dedication to our men, celebrate your health today!

A dedication to our men! Be healthy and happy!

This is fathers day…. Its the one day of the year when we honour and celebrate our men for all they do and all they are! Its the day when dad gets breakfast in bed, extra hugs and time with his children and loved ones celebrating relationships, love and family.  Lets extend that a little and celebrate all the men in our lives today! Do them a favour and share some of this info with the men you love to help them be healthier. And my beautiful men in my life…. heres my advice on this day!

I was at the beach this morning, it was another beautiful sunshine coast day. All around me were families, people sharing the day together and spending time together more than I generally notice on a Sunday morning.. As I write this post the restaurant around me is filing up with families and people celebrating our men.  Make time today to celebrate your men… your father, grandfathers, sons, brothers, and friends.

Lets talk about some mens health and whats going on in the broader picture… 

  1. Men are reluctant to address health issues and you tend to wait until a situation is more developed before seeking medical assistance. This is especially true for the ever increasing silent disease such as prostate cancers and inflammation and diabetes and blood sugar balance.  Obesity and abdominal weight gain is something else you tend to ignore as putrification builds up in your digestive tract and digestive issues persue.  The solution is to have regular health checks with your practitioners even when you think everything is ok. Think about it like servicing your car…. this isn’t your car.. its way more important.. Your women and children love you so much… we want to know you are healthy and well.
  2. Depression, stress related conditions and anxiety…. Yes please make sure you look after your nervous system and emotions…. If you feel down… its ok to talk about it with people who care! Its Ok to see counsellors and people who can help you with emotional health…talk to your loved ones.. Its really good to take herbal medicines to help here. This includes st johns wort, lemon balm, astragalus, oats, chamomile and hops…. Yes beer is good for your emotions…Its all the salt that let that herbal down…. but overall Beer is pretty good for your nervous system, and your social life. ( not too much though) Taking a good vitamin B is also important….
  3. Your skin care… what is it about men and resistance to using face moisturisers, body scrubs, wraps, oils and therapy sessions on the skin? Your skin is your biggest elimination organ and its also a great way to absorb nutrients and medicine. Yes, your skin deserves good attention and care. Make time every day to moisturise your face, body and its healthy to have regular body sessions, massage and therapies to nourish your skin.  Its good to have glowing skin with awesome circulation and good health! And besides that, we love men smelling delicious, aromatherapy on your skin is good. Try some spicey and energising blends such as bergamot, basil, ginger, orange, black pepper, cinnamon, vertiver, cinnamon and lemon myrtle. They all smell awesome and add some energy to your day!


My father passed away earlier this year at the age of 83. This will be the first fathers day since his death and its a challenge to know that he is gone and that I can’t see him, or pick up the phone and wish him a beautiful day…. Many of us are in that situation and its so nice to remember our men who have passed away, who have gone from our lives, who have moved on.. in whatever way… Make some time to think about them and what they gave you? what memories pop up in your mind and celebrate them too! Its really healing and helpful to yourself when you are able to openly think about, celebrate and honour the men from the past and present in your life…. and men…. you too!

Enjoy your day men! Its a good one!

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Have a great day

Love and light Dominique Livkamal

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